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Frage von Breitmaulfrosch:

I have a little HV30 and such a fitting halfway Steadycam suitable to do so.
I do not have the option to pay over 150 euros. Is the matter in the Steadycam price range, the half-good?

Have so far only the Manfrotto Modosteady found, but is not as if that was his.
Would likely be the most appropriate steady Wonder. Below 300 Eus there is unfortunately not synonymous.
And what good is supposed to be synonymous Glidecam. However, the more severe for large camcorder ausglegt are you? And the price then rises until synonymous S.300 ¬.

Or is the Manfrotto perhaps not so bad? That's a lot of training needed to work around is probably normal.

Würde mich sehr freuen on tips.

lg Lukas


Antwort von Mink:

The Manfrotto-thing is better than nothing but not synonymous!

The Glidecam gibts synonymous as a "copy" ... Here come with shipping and taxes .... maybe to 200 ¬


Antwort von Breitmaulfrosch:

Okay schonmal thanks for the link. Before I do that because of American e-bay, I have again found something.
And although Schwebi:

Either cost 140 ¬ or 170 ¬. Does anyone notice? Since I almost find no test reports.

Then I found another tripod suspension of walimex:


Antwort von Macaroni:


perhaps would be the "Mini Motion-Cam" of HAGUE something for you:

Very affordable with amazing results ...




Antwort von Herbert@S:

Hello Wide-Mouth Frog,

the Schwebi and the Hague are very similar. The Walimex real name is Cam-Flo-Pod and is a completely different world. Although it looks like a Glidecam similar, synonymous as it has a universal joint, but there already synonymous end the relationship. It is missing the 3rd Axis (axis of rotation). Unlike other Steadycam the universal joints are fluidgedämpft.
The disadvantage is that these are not suitable for fast movements. However, one can be a bit sloppy for the adjustment of the counterweight. Because the part lateral angle errors will not reverse it has a double handle.

Gruß Herbert


Antwort von Breitmaulfrosch:

Okay thanks for the link and synonymous to the Enlightenment. Thanks Herbert, learned something again:)

Schwebi would you recommend?
So I do if I only run with the little Canon a Picture what you can still watch. So it does not need to be super quiet ride, easy special camera still totally crass. John Powell with his bobble camera is an example of me anyway;)


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