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Stedicam - Wenn Amateure Hand anlegen

Stedicam - When creating Amateur Hand

Frage von aight8:
Dezember 2010

I am about to purchase a Steadicam. It will be a Flycam 6000 with his vest.

Öffters always hear the Steadicam professional people are sought. But the many people synonymous with the Steadicam verzeifeln and it takes a lot of practice. I mean, there are methods and if you follow the whole thing should just work after some practice, right? Do you have a talent there or what bar in slow steps to move an order? ^ ^

I have a showreel of normal viewing Bever (
And that's how should look for and otherwise. All the Youtube videos of amateurs who always use it to justify your first or second flight to be, is Naia. Quiet, but certainly not something Sliding.

If the images with real time like in the video of Before or does one really only ¬ 30,000 with the rig?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

The answer is 42 ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von aight8:

Do not quite understand what you want to say ^ ^ That one the beanworten so can not? Why not?

Antwort von KrischanDO:

"Aight8" wrote:
... I mean are methods and if you follow the whole thing should just work after some practice, right?

Correct. As in the piano.
I have a workshop once tried Steadycam, which was already adjusted by professionals exactly etc.
My estimate: 12 weeks to practice six hours a day, with feedback from an expert. Then it becomes something. If you continue then works every day.

Have fun,

Antwort von Axel:

"Aight8" wrote:
If the images with real time like in the video of Before or does one really only ¬ 30,000 with the rig?

Hein Kaputnik it creates with the 30k rig anyway just to get a hernia and a Buckle - turbulence fabricate!-To clip. Slashcam "pils head" against (Little Big Star in Berlin), year and days with absolute no budget including before the

You mean: the answer will not tell you if you know the solution is not gone with us. " The journey is the destination.

Antwort von Replay:

As long as you're not a total gross motor skills, exercise is with a quiet Picture not an issue. One issue is, however, when dealing with a floating tripod to keep the picture always right. So you have to deal with the steady have so internalized that we focus only onto itself can Rotate.

Antwort von aight8:

I find pils head had not only make the video full in his hand but synonymous Steadicam. I see those shots somehow garnie. whether pils head synonymous for 12 weeks every day 6 hours had practiced? ;) Probably not. I only have the youtube videos of amateurs steadicam shocked because they just all just "goats", except a couple better.

Antwort von nahmo:

So with all due respect for the achievements of pils head, but Strutz and the linked youtube video are already two very different things.
Consider the question of whether something with a Flycam (synonymous with 10 years of practice) at all is realistic, as justified.



Antwort von KrischanDO:


For "Strutz - The documentary" has a long first Steadycam and 2 Camera practiced. More than 12 weeks. And he has talent synonymous.

If the clips are of Bever Steadycam only man of genius, he can obviously not only extremely fast up and down stairs, but even float synonymous. As some wire-cam settings are, I bet.


Antwort von aight8:

He plays a lot of playing with the zoom, as soon you get the impression he himself would float in the air.

Antwort von Axel:

"Nahmo" wrote:
Consider the question of whether something with a Flycam (synonymous with 10 years of practice) at all is realistic, as justified.

Yeah, there is a way open secrets or secret synonymous truisms as that a man who would jump nine meters wide, another toothpaste I use. I would go but a part, not so far as to say that this is the only difference, and on the other hand let me nine yards out the cold, I envy him more than the moment when I'm back in a car chase is not so easily to the next skyscraper roof can jump. And when I look at the roundabout trip to Heinz Rudolf Kunze (Center of the linked demo) look at (for the emotional pull Hitchcock, Brian DePalma and blew Fassbinder their budgets), I will like to believe that the used rig offers little more than a Glidecam HD -1000. Nevertheless, Udo would squeak, done with the same rig, throw up on this trip first and then tip over backwards of the stage: These are very extreme Wide Angle acting rooms for such shows in real life disappointing crummy. Garrett Brown, inventor of the Steadicam, describes the additional material for Bluray and Special Edition of Shining three of the main principles (the Feature Shining in the review, in about 11 minutes on the actual size of the hedge maze in the audio commentary on the trips through the hotel corridors):

1. Use of wide-angle shift s.stärksten lines of flight in space. Any camera movement is the effect produce a movement in space.

2. Moving with a Wide Angle Camera Never "tilt (tilt forward or backward, up or look down): It would bend the vertical lines, a no-go. Camera looks straight ahead so stubborn.

3. Moreover, a move the "horizon", synonymous of a hypothetical, not forgiven. Rule of thumb is that the optical axis may be a wide-angle, the moving image in any case exceed chest height. Depending on the strength of the hot and dimensions of the room can be just as in a Height walk through a door frame without any distortion noticeably.

Antwort von KrischanDO:


at 2:18 and 2:47: Devil synonymous!
And s.3: 40: The crane is!


Antwort von nahmo:

@ Kris

"And s.3: 40: The crane is!"

Do not think that this is a crane. Where should be the? Hold it at 3:50, since you see the steep stairs in the background. The guy is quite good.



Antwort von AndyZZ:

"B. DeKid" wrote:
The answer is 42 ;-)

B. DeKid

Greetings from the Guide ...

Antwort von deti:

I'm not a cameraman and did not practice synonymous with the filming. During a test film with the EOS550D I stand with a suspended (without Vest Glidecam 4000HD) filmed. Without exercise, I have balanced the system and then out. The scenes are shown s.40s:

Conclusion: If you are not totally stupid hires, the shooting is actually quite good. From today's perspective, I should have used a vest to dampen the movements along the Y axis and more synonymous to relieve the arm. On top of that you should bring a degree of inertia into the system in order to prevent rocking. Is difficult especially when you have to do a clean rotation in the X plane. For example, to walk a person around and they keep it in the Picture. It takes a lot of tact and good coordination of the walking motion.


Antwort von aight8:

I like your video deti. How I see it exactly. With arm naturally without steps.

Let's see if it with the XH A1 and Wide Angle goes just as well. Let's see whether the top-heaviness will experience problems. I also have the XH A1 is almost too easy for the Magic Arm. Because I would otherwise have additionally tuned weights attached (somehow). Really want the best out of the six Flycam get out.

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