Infoseite // Stop-motion animation with a transparent background in Premiere?

Frage von Samsung:

Hello everybody!

I have the following problem, let's see:

I would like in Premiere Pro 1.5 a stop motion movie.

I have a character built for this Picture Picture moves and photographed. The pictures I have loaded in Photoshop and free, so the figure has a transparent background.

Now I have a folder with 40 TIF images, which are all transparent.

Now I would like the TIF image on a real image, but the size
the figure can customize. Similarly, I can correct the color. This is the premiere of my knowledge, however, not possible because the program only single-image editing.

Is it possible in Premiere, a logical "image sequence" to import? S or similar?

Thank you in advance for the help!


Antwort von Wiro:

Samsung wrote: Is it possible in Premiere, a logical "image sequence" to import?
yes, there is.

File> Import.
Click in the Import menu, then the 1st Picture of - s.unteren Menurand then the button "Numbered still visible. They put the check mark.

Premiere still recognizes the sequence and submit them as an "image sequence" (film) into the project window. Thus, you can then continue to work with as a normal video.

Greeting Wiro


Antwort von Samsung:

Hi Wiro,

that is correct and how it works. Thank you.

However, portability is the problem of "adaptation" does not resolve.

My animated figure now sits in the picture and move as desired, but can not be larger or smaller drag.
If I now click on the image series, will always be a TIF mentioned, not all at once. Only if all 40 TIF simultaneously in the same proportions may be changed, is an adaptation of the figure in the picture possible.

Maybe you still know what?


Antwort von Wiro:

Hello again,
do it exactly as I described before.
Exactly so, as not a little or a bit different ;-)

You searched in the timeline, then no individual, but a video from images. Den, you can edit like any other video clip synonymous - zoom, zoom, move, color, extend / shorten everything synonymous with keyframes.

Good luck


Antwort von Samsung:

Yep, now's klappt.

It is important that you only marked the first picture, and not all 40;)

Thanks a lot, you have really helped.


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