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Seltsame Streifen bei schnellen Bewegungen und Schwenks - nur auf DVD

Strange strips for fast movements and pans - only on DVD

Frage von kzk:
Februar 2011


I have a strange problem with my burned DVDs. My films come from a Panasonic HDC SD707 and then edited with Final Cut Express s.Mac, then exported as Quicktime ...

The Quicktime MOVs are on the Mac just fine, so I can exclude a schonmal error while exporting.

In the end, I burn the videos to DVD with Toast 8, in order to look after s.DVD Player.
This shows the following:

When panning the stripes form in the Picture. It looks as if the image resolve individual lines from each other and then some moving faster than the others.
For faster movements it looks so much like it has something of a "digital ghost" effect, if you understand what I mean (you goes for the films of specific genres, but for family videos are an animal on the nerves).
The burned DVD I have to be regarded s.Mac again - exactly the same Phänomän. So it seems to be synonymous not s.DVD Player.

In Toast 8, I have not changed the settings, it all boils down auto.

What am I doing wrong or what I have set in Toast 8, so that the strips do not show up?

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Wrong field order. Somewhere there were a spin.

Antwort von kzk:

Thank you!

This brings me to the solution a bit closer.

In Toast 8, I can set the field dominance, there are the following ways:
- Auto
- Upper field first
- Lower field first
- Progressive

How do I know (except through blunt Try), which setting is right? Try it would mean in the video in question that Toast 8 for each encoding process can be approximately one hour.
I would rule out almost automatically, because Toast has made eight already in full automatic mode is not the right one.

Besides, I've found something. Although I do believe that it is a different problem, but maybe that is yes but together with my input problem:

The resolution on the DVD quality is much worse than the QuickTime MOV. Can it be that the size of the burn to DVD is downscaled to 1920x1080 7XX x 5XX? Or can the associated with the cessation of field dominance?

Antwort von Videobodo:

Just as it is! = Standard DVD-PAL

Antwort von Jott:

"How can I tell (except by blunt Try), which setting is right? Try it would mean in the video in question that Toast 8 for each encoding process can be about an hour."

Then stop encoding to test only a few seconds with movement, not the whole work.

Antwort von kzk:

Thank you!

I am beginning to get behind it ...

The sequences with the short I will try once I'm back home.

What the Resolutionangeht, so I can rip DVD to video-not really. So I stand there may be the solution:

The video on the DVD has a Resolutionvon * 5xx 7xx, but still tried my Television to present at 1920x1080. As a result, the quality suffers. Right?
This brings me to the idea of giving up on burning video DVDs and possibly to buy a multimedia hard drive and then connect via HDMI cable with the Television. Thus I would save a lot of time at synonymous encode in Toast 8, because I only have to copy the MOVs on the hard drive.

How do you think?

Antwort von Anne Nerven:

Good idea.

For DVD you have only 720x576 pixels. That's just PAL standard as noted above. The (from analog days) European television standard. So if you burn a DVD, you can not help it. Or do you burn a Bluray that can represent 1920x1080.

If you want to buy a multimedia player, pick a player that can handle as many synonymous format / codec. There are as synonymous differences.

I have personally ordered me today have a "Fantec Alu play. He can play as good as anything. In any case, the data sheet. But is just a tip - no recommendation, as I did not yet able to test.


Antwort von Jott:

I always like to recommend a Blu-ray player: is now saubillig and works contrary to all media players without a codec experiments. Above all, every player the wonderful quality of standard SD DVDs has to undergo to play a surprisingly good upscaling via HDMI. Is then optical - from normal viewing distance - somewhere between DVD and Blu-ray.

Antwort von Anne Nerven:

@ Jott:

I would like to think with "sound" DVD and Blu-ray player skills not too far out on a limb but it is not as if there is play and you have to convert 24P 25P/50i-Movie be?

He prefers such a MM player. Is small, all P-and I-frame rates, shocks and laughs at you do not need expensive blanks. Though, I believe, synonymous could play on a DVD to HD with 40min. But what do I know ... on DVD Players at any rate too little :-)

Antwort von nicecam:

"KZK" wrote:
When panning the stripes form in the Picture. It looks as if the image resolve individual lines from each other and then some moving faster than the others.

"Surreptitious Michel" wrote:
Wrong field order. Somewhere there were a spin.

After wrong field order, it looks to me to be probably not. More like tearing.

In reversed field order's is a "crab": two steps forward, one back.

Tearing to see this thread (back border chronologically):
1st xh see picture recording
Second problem with Nvidia 470 (Tearing)
3rd fine stripes despite 50p on Vimeo . As I once put a picture inside. Does the error you made that?
4th chopped Picture - How / denotes avoids these artifacts?

Antwort von Anne Nerven:

Tearing at DVD on a TV? How is that possible? Especially since the clip looks fine before burning.

Links to your Tearing is still a 50Hz/60Hz-Problem s.PC monitors, as they work almost exclusively with 60Hz supply and Videos 50 and 25 images. Or I'm on the wrong track?

Antwort von Jott:

"Anne nervous" wrote:
It is not that is played as 24P and you have to convert his 25P/50i-Movie?

No, is not so. The rumor is extremely persistent. Both synonymous 50i as 25p (as psf) are fine. Otherwise it would really nonsense.

And so, on TV there's no tearing.

Antwort von JMS Productions:

I was once synonymous the field order in mind. s.Television For DVDs, the field order ALWAYS Top Field First TFF aka aka Upper Field is first.

It surprised me that so few seem to know this? DV is bottom field first, that's clear. The recordings of the SD707 are the best quality mode (50P mode) frames, that is progressive, interlaced otherwise synonymous. In any case applies to a normal VideoDVD s.TV always upper field first.

Give it a try out, which should actually eliminate your stuttering!

Antwort von nicecam:

Well, in the first two posts of KZK is no mention of a Television :-)

At best you could come with a certain probability that the DVD he is looking at a television. If synonymous, a software player on the PC can be. I'm there once pedantic. ;-)

But well, finally he speaks of a television. I then had to read well.

I focused on his statement: "pan form stripes in the picture. If it looks as if the lines of the image of one another to solve individual and then some moving faster than the other."

Wrong field order (as I said> "crab") but can be easily checked by the film one frame at a play.

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