Infoseite // Stream video / cut on LAN connection?

Frage von mbwkrause:

Still ne Noobie computer question: I have to strongly grow a back-up system and thought s.eine RAID 5 configuration. Now the question is whether one with such a part: stream over the LAN connection videos or store the files (; of a 5D Mark II or a JVC HM-100) on the Raid 5 system and then of there can cut in Vegas. Or you have to do without the Netzwerfähigkeit and buy a system with eSATA connection? Or must you always put the current projects before the hard drive in your computer and save them until after completion of the RAID5?
Thank you!


Antwort von mbwkrause:

Maybe my question is stupid to? Or unclear? In principle, I would like to know what allows me to offer higher data transfer rates: a RAID5 via eSata or via a GBit LAN ...


Antwort von thos-berlin:

Perhaps there are simply not as many who are active here and run such a setup.

I know not synonymous, the data rates of these cameras.

In the "good old DV" the subject of a data rate of 25 Mbps. Theoretically, four streams over a 100 MBit connection could be made. In practice, of course not, a further Ethernet kollisionsbehaftetes Transmission protocol and it is synonymous with increasing data transfer is to more collisions. So you could probably only one or two video tracks on the LAN connection leak.

With a gigabit Ethernet, several DV streams to be possible (even necessary when multitrack).

Another limiting factor is, of how many stations are accessed simultaneously on the location. This fact reduces the effective link speed on the various stations. In addition, that the security zugrifen synonymous with other files, so that the plates have more work.

If you are the sole user of the network drive, everything should be good.

In ALEX, the open Canal Berlin are all now TV reports from the server playing. The data are necessarily abegelgt on network servers, so that of the various editing rooms can be accessed. However, the processing occurs in most cases, probably in PAL format, not in HD.

But I think that is a reasonable NAS or a network server OK, since you can access once synonymous of a second gkleichzeitig Calculator. You can also operate in another area and thus create space and tranquility s.Schnittplattz.

The considerations concerning the cut, in which we consider as a rule so the videos in real time. How does the when restoring / copying noticeable is another question. I suspect the speed advantages of SATA port.


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