Infoseite // Stripes on capture

Frage von mutexx:

I have a question about image quality. If my shots (Canon mv 900) with the Windows movie maker or virtual dub to capture I get small movements and high-contrast stripes.

Is this s.Camcorders or could with my Windows SP2 have to do?

In the hand, in the example of the error is good to see.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

I can not look at the graph here (sadly) security policy.

But I gahe assume that it beaknnten the comb-like stripes on playback of interlaced material (PAL TV standard) PC is on progressive displays.


Antwort von mutexx:

Thanks, it seems.

When I use the VLC player, the original with the strip deinterlace (linear works fine) the problem is solved.
Are there any good freeware with which you can then clip the spokes synonymous deinterlaced?

Edit: have just seen that one of the most synonymous with virtual dub can do


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