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Frage von stellas stig:


I have been the low cost model with JVC GR-D21E, and the better Canon MVX 150 i

bildern of moving (eg one person runs) are seen as little more than touch the camera would not come.

in the JVC, it was much worse, the Canon has only a few.

s.der is the setting? what can I change?

more expensive models have the problems synonymous?



Antwort von jasmin61:

Yesterday, a similar thread was written: =

Good luck


Antwort von stellas stig:


I do not think that that's what tuen with the connections, because he has written "s.anfang ran it perfectly"

with me were of the first strip sekunde s.diese very little black around the building which is moving rapidly.

I think rather the failure of the electronic image stabilizer.

someone has similar problems?



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