Infoseite // Strips in the movie after the encode and burn to DVD

Frage von griffin007:

Hey folks.

I has a Panasonic NV-GS-120 3CCD and work with Magix VD 2004/2005.

What surprised me is that I have until now every movie I've cut and then burned to DVD've always horizontal stripes are watching. These always come but only after encode by Magix on the film cartridge is in the best quality of everything to see.

Therefore the question of what encoder setting times do I have to otherwise take or what you take. There are indeed dozens of choices.

Vll. yes, I am using since Annfang simply incorrect settings?



Antwort von bockolaf:

In 2008, VDL in the burning function Encoder Settings, Advanced Settings, Allg. Setting interlace mode to progressive place. Whether it is the VDL 2004 / 5 are synonymous, I do not know. Otherwise, the unit's factory settings.


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