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Studio 9 / Problem beim Aufnehmen von Kommentaren

Studio 9 / problem during recording of comments

Frage von Dietmar:
Februar 2006

I have a problem during recording of comments in
Studio 9.4. After recording, it takes very long until I can work next, sometimes minutes. Is this normal?

Maybe someone can help me.

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Dietmar,

would, after all that I have previously read about Pinnacle Studio, I say yes, unfortunately that is normal. But perhaps logs on to anyone else who works with the software itself?

It would certainly help if you betray a few details in advance to your project, such as the length of the film, the number of clips used, etc.

Antwort von Dietmar:

Hi Mark,
thanks for the reply.

The film has a length of 75 minutes and 523 clips.

Do you know (or jemad else) a better-running program for editing of videos.


Antwort von Markus:

From personal experience I can only look (! Name) Adobe Premiere 6.5. I have modified so that a concert with five parallel video tracks (because 5 cameras were there) and cut as many soundtracks.

In this video, all cut pieces should be retained in the timeline, and in each case only the current camera position moved to the top video track so you can consider at a later date easily any changes.

Premiere was after two hours of film time (and hundreds of cuts and screens), although slower, but I did not get serious problems. The project file has been here more than 30 MB in size.

As for Pinnacle Studio, I think I s.einen help to remember where it went usum the movie duration, in a Project "safe" (can naja) to be solved. Moment ... (a search later ...) it is in the video forum: A film burn

Antwort von Pit:

Hi Mark,

I sign now synonymous here once. The problems with Studio 9 / 10 are well known, but I will not say anything and you should be synonymous to synonymous, because you know the software is not synonymous, and therefore nothing to say about the very positive aspects can. :-) There are problems with any software that your car already synonymous stops times. There are indeed synonymous, other alternatives to studio, which one should honestly synonymous name (if they are known): Magix (latest version is also mightily unstable), Ulead VideoStudio 9 (quite stable and Studio 9 very similar in concept), MainConcept's Eve -- And last but not least, simple yet run Movie Maker: Can one set for free - absolutely stable (if the calculator is).
That you only! Call Premiere of course is that you, the only synonymous! know. With Liquid Edition (Half price of Premiere) is all that you also call that I have never received (16 cameras synchronously), safe, no crashes, and absolutely professional also possible.

The only addition.

Best wishes

Antwort von joli:

Hi Dietmar,
advance: I'm quite a PC amateur - and Videofan. They are even times 2 basically incompatible "System". Nevertheless, I try for about 3 years to bring the two into line - and sometimes have - despite Pinnacle - even success. That a comment of you in the way described takes so long until he appears, I've never seen - but what is not ,..... That can be with me for days not import some CD's for audio dubbing - but then it works again synonymous. So I come up to me, but something all the CD's that could come to dub in question (that) so about 30-40 pieces, I reformatted with Windows Media Player into MP3 files and in Pinnacle Studio - Sound Effects stored. The audition is a fine fund, and to act prima - lightning speed access, can be selected and dragged the pieces very easily into the Project. And all this without the CD archive to rummage around and piled tons of CD's. This was not your question, but I wanted you to show only s.einem example, that you can work with Pinnacle over the years already - you have to be only now and again come up with something. And it takes time and patience, uncanny waaaaaay. I have been synonymous hineingeguckt into other video editing software - but they are much too complicated. My statistical residual life would not be enough by far to familiarize myself as yet - I see it as a success if I Pinnacle in the next 5-6 years so far had on it that I can work in a result that. Windows Movie Maker is certainly a very good alternative - absolutely simple and really stable, but it is after all quite fast s.end the possibilities - and so good is my source material now synonymous not again, not something to "cosmetic surgery" to be tolerated.
Greeting Joli

Antwort von Kiara Borini:

"Markus" wrote:
From personal experience I can only look (! Name) Adobe Premiere 6.5.

In everything you write, I can agree with you, only if I have understood correctly Dietmar, then this is about live commentaries, and now there really is lagging behind Premiere, mentioned at least in the version ...

Nevertheless, I bought studio time as a cut-alternative precisely because of the Aufsprechens of comment in the Time-Line - and it had never been used out of disappointment. No correction possibility of slips, breaks, breathing noises, disturbances - thus KO criteria for me.

Conclusion: I am talking about comments on a separate audio editor, and therefore do not see any advantage to Adobe.

However, if you like give up the timeline does not comment, then I would first USGEB the entire movie as an AVI, then a Neuens Project with this file and start the aufsprechen comment.

Now you can comment but with an AVI (without O-Sound in the timeline click away) store from which one extracts the PCM / WAV sound comment, if necessary, and then changes again to the commentary track sets.

But as I said, I'll do ', despite the lack Kommentarton function in Premiere, now rather be back with Premiere.

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