Infoseite // Stupid question: What does the term video-DVD?

Frage von screenon:

I argue with just about a hardware supplier, of which I have bought a year ago (January 2010) a copy Tower.
According to the description of the device so I am able to provide my own video DVDs with copy protection.
This works synonymous, but, as I had to find the last project, with only 4.3 GB-Rohingen. In DL blanks ticking off the unit's reproduction, but without copy protection.
Quite the contrary, in the list of processed blank DL media to be explicit.
I am of the opinion that the use of the term DVD-Video does not specify the DL-R excludes.
As far as I have found both types of blank discs according to DVD specifications are approved. In this respect I am of the opinion that the device does not provide the promised benefits.

Can anyone to provide more information? Exactly how the DVD specification is according to Book B?

Would be great if someone could help me. For at least future customers of this company should know what to expect.
Thanks in advance


Antwort von camworks:

"Screenon" wrote: For at least future customers of this company should know what to expect. You're a smart little head, if you would tell us then synonymous to do what it is. my clairvoyant abilities are in fact quite limited.


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