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Frage von JensJReinke:

I have a question, something like that ever was, but I have still no satisfactory answer, so I post the topic again:
How can we with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 s.Einfachsten create subtitles? I work s.einem documentary and wanted the translation of interviews in the style of arte-subtitles (or similar) account.
I'm for any tip or any instructions very grateful.


PS: I have heard that Adobe Encore for this to be quite good. Unfortunately, this software is indeed quite expensive, and I wanted it "only" with Premiere Pro create. That should work but synonymous, right?


Antwort von Wiro:

"JensJReinke" wrote: I work s.einem documentary and wanted the translation of interviews in the style of arte-subtitles (or similar) make
Premiere Title Designer open (F9) and the first UT with the desired font style writing. Then the far left icon above the "T" button (New title based on the current), text with new text on writing to get back to the "T" button. . . etc.

All titles are followed by panels in the car window.
Play the individual panels s.die correct position in the timeline drag.

Go when you create the 1st Table with the necessary care before - you can each post title is no longer "a slip" change, eg if you have a different font should have.
Gruss Wiro


Antwort von Daniel Schmatz:


Encore DVD is quite good. However, only suitable if you have a DVD as the ultimate goal want. As always synonymous, even if you work in Encore, I would suggest you with a tool (names I do not fall when you need it please send pm) to make (which is very convenient, you can see above the film. write down the text and it is with a time code is stored and this text file is imported into encore. gehts perhaps synonymous in premiere?

mfg daniel schmatz


Antwort von rapunzelchen:

This is very favorable

That is very good and really cheap synonymous:

Good luck!


Antwort von JensJReinke:

Hello s.alle,

Thank you for the extensive replies, this has me very helpful.



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