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I have since about two or three years, a Canon HF100, which I actually only twice or three times a year on holiday intensive use.

I'm very satisfied with the outcome synonymous, really only bothers me that the camera takes a long time until you can finally losfilmen. The card check takes quite a long time. I, too, could sometimes be a little more Wide Angle usages.

Hence my question: Bring the newer models significant improvements, so it would be worthwhile to switch views to a new model? Are the newer models more quickly and would therefore use a model with built-in memory faster?

Can you possibly recommend me a new camera, or would you advise me to keep HF100 easily?

Thanks and regards


Antwort von deti:

No, it is not worthwhile to buy a new camera. Please bang you may have a wide Anglevon Canon WD-H37II - which is completely durchzoombar affect the image quality and little (unless you often filmed in large focal lengths).



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