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Frage von teletobi:


I am looking for my neighbor three cameras for the occasional concert recordings. He is a jazz pianist and has a quartet synonymous.

Since I work in the film industry, I know my video camera with only rudimentary. Default would be possible HD and not too expensive. Post workflow to be MacBookPro with Final Cut Pro. And unfortunately, all three cameras are available for only 1000, - euro. But need not be synonymous, the latest model.

The aim would be to for insurgents to an occasional concert, both for YouTube clips, as material for local stations, or perhaps synonymous times a DVD.

Has anyone perhaps a hint? Or is that impossible with this budget?

Thank schonmal,


Antwort von B.DeKid:

"teletobi" wrote: .....
Since I work in the film industry, I know my video camera with only rudimentary from .,,,,

If only you were part s.deutschsprachigen productions - certainly speaks for itself ;-)

No matter .. Hi

So ...
SD Cams - SonyDCR row ... small, good and clean!
HDV cams - Canon HV Series - just good!
HD cams - no preference of who AVCHD Canon, Sony and Panasonic are all good. Picked up at the studio over an EX Sonyim Map / rack - is currently nothing!
My perso. View of things (in "") now views as a Canon fan assessed ;-) Well yes Nikon makes synonymous still the best cameras was solls because you can admit synonymous sowas mal ;-)


Say - if you've only tawy nen

3x SONY DCR PC 110 (s.besten a with Raynox x0.5) at about 780, --


3x Canon HV20 (min again. A WW with adapter) 1140, --

And. ..

With AVCHD / Full HD HF100 times looking for 3x so you can not go wrong ;-) so just stop would cost about 1600, - height gadgets ;-)

B. DeKid

PS: And if you were still 30 euros left for me on Ebay looking for views nem MD player / recorder .... whom you directly s.Hauptmischpult s.klemmst and the main sound abnimmst ;-) With so nem sound of any job is the most important - synonymous nen HD Picture a stage can be bored so sound is for what we go ;-)


Antwort von teletobi:


well, what can I say, stop otherwise have (almost) only with good old analog film cameras do. In the meantime, though here and there meets once a Red One or DigiBeta, but this is all not necessary for my purpose.

Thank schomal for the tips. However, I can hardly find the aforementioned cameras. Where do we obtain, for example, SonyDCR still is quite "old" or even in normal trade?

Only the HF 100 I've found, makes a decent impression. Although I am a real Schärferad'd much rather than a joystick.

As a recording format my SDHC cards, of course s.liebsten as to minimize costs.

I am afraid I must once again appeal to the budget ...

Or maybe a decent gibts SDHC Cam in the price range up to about 400, - Euro?

Thank derteletobi


Antwort von teletobi:

Ah, forget for sound recording devices are already available. Schonmal finally have a few YouTube movies with borrowed Panasonic HDC-SD made 100th This has worked reasonably well.

And since these concerts are not usually lit too brightly, should be synonymous Low light capability as well as possible ...

So once again the best, egg Wollmilchsau .... ;-)


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Hmm, perhaps you can give some hints nen since January, who knows better when it comes sollche cameras.

I think the successor to the DCR, the HC models of Sony.

B. DeKid

PS: Look at the camcorder - Comparison Page's up here with Slashcam - because what if you can find what would be appropriate and affordable.


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