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Synchronität Video/Audio bei Solid-State-Recordern

Synchronous video / audio in solid-state recorders

Frage von ennui:
Juni 2009

If you want to add external sound: Since record gibts ja expensive models, the broadcast wav and SMPTE time code, and then something like H4, H2, DR-07, DR-1, LS-10, Pocketrak, etc., which only normal record wav.
How reliable are the shots run synchronously to the same recorded video?

Antwort von tommyb:

These units are in seconds, ie 60 seconds when I record sound and video which also had run 60 seconds, then it will be synchronously.

It is no preference whether the video is NTSC or PAL, or whether it was recorded with 50 frames, or 37.9. As long as we all submit to the timeline and the timeline exactly this FPS supports number through which the video is still 60 seconds long, then the wave file is triggered by external recorder underneath.

Antwort von derpianoman:

My demo video synonymous always get a sound that is mixed first recorded on 8-track, then to 2 track, burned to CD, read into the computer .. And everything is running synchronously!

This is the digital world ... :-)))

Antwort von domain:

Both the camcorder itself, as synonymous, the sound recorder are controlled by a quartz clock, similar to quartz watches, which run so synonymous not all completely synchronously. Since it seems sometimes a bit too hapern.
It seems to be more random, if a write-once synchronization performed synchronously over many minutes remain, or something auseinanderläuft. With my Edirol and the sound of the FX1 is a very long time synchronously.
Others I have heard about the Zoom recorder as synonymous already. You have to try this out easily, surprises are not excluded, because even 1 per thousand may cause variation in the quartz-defined frequencies to unpleasant effects.

Antwort von ennui:

Even. After I've seen as diverging two identical CD players bein the same piece after 30 seconds, or what might happen in the timeline, if you have audio and video separately captured, I'm here synonymous suspicious. But you have to test it well in detail, and sometimes seemingly klappts. By the way, needs a flap is then actually synonymous.

Antwort von tommyb:

The flap is needed anyway. There's nothing more annoying than the sound by means of language s.dei adapt lips.

Even better would be two valves, one s.Anfang a s.end of takes. Synonymous Then you can see if Sound and picture are gone apart.

Antwort von derpianoman:

My 8-track Alesis ADAT (yes, yes, stone age) and my Tascam DAT recorder I have tested in terms of time synchronization. Min after 40th There was a small shift. Since I work song by song is after 3 to 5 minutes everything OK.

Experiment makes kluch! :-)

Antwort von Sebera:

Back to the Zoom H4, I can say that a shift is observed. I will cut soccer videos, the track length was up to 50 min and the displacement is not exactly small. For short clips that should not outweigh it.

Antwort von derpianoman:

Hey, even football filmmaker son - soon we need a separate forum! :-)

I mean, I have in a hall with two cameras synonymous Championship
times even the sound of two used (; one channel) - with the
"Excuse" that for me as a musician the sound synonymous is important ...

... mitzuschneiden but at a football game the sound SEPARATELY,
all respect, what do you take on extra, his own fan block? :-))))
For me the camera and micro-sufficient but otherwise a good
Directional microphone on the camera, right??

Antwort von thos-berlin:

I draw on sound (; tape) sometimes with 2 Marian Marc 8 parallel to the video in order to be able to, revise Tonpannen. It seems to me that are following a change machine that traces aufgezeichenten not so synchronously to the video, as in the old calculator, I can "reprocess piecemeal.

I would be interested but synonymous, why is included separately at a sporting event sound. Please do not misunderstand. I am interested in the situation, I do not want Glaubenskriesg or so ...

Antwort von Sebera:

So Relating to: Why the sound is extra time to explain football.

As a fan of the team for me it was s.Anfang almost impossible to shut up. If a player is fouled our team slipped me miss a "as an a *** hole" or similar herraus. Each time, cut the sound has so annoyed. So a solution had to her.
If time permitted, it also wired to the sports field. Is - behind every door, a micro indicative of T-Bone and later comes to have lots of XLR (cable, am also musicians like pianoman) everything is done in the center of my zoom.

Meanwhile, although my Reinrufen done - you should have a certain neutrality muster as a "reporter", but when a full house at our village aufem (; about 900 spectators) will be delivered already great atmosphere. 've Already stuffed the times considered in surround, but probably has little nen spinnert!

In the next season i will start to wire up our coaches via Sennheiser wireless route - which I imagine quite interesting.

But most likely it is to me like the pianoman, as a musician is very different hat nen reference / claim to the sound.

Antwort von domain:

For amateurs, there is rarely the realization that the sound at least 50% of the film.
They cut and cut and sometimes really good and as typical people who are visually assessed at 80%, they would be tired and listless after cutting for the sound to begin with there only really the real creativity.
So is removed frequently synonymous nor the O-sound even with the boring impressions and royalty free music darübergeknallt And so the film has already done time anyway.
But published on Youtube, still good for reviews of similar Nackerpatzerln :-)

Antwort von derpianoman:

Hi Sebera,
that sounds VERY interesting!

Maybe we should exchange our biggest "pearl" again? Although I've found if you are not with the players somehow "in league" is not really all comes (; interesting) over ...

So I stand by my (; few) comments - and yes, it is synonymous solely for their own team, the "synchronously" feel! And my joy and the roar shaking the camera when the goalkeeper has kept the last 11er and the County Championship has been won but makes everything even more authentic! :-)))

On my next to last DVD I've even composed a bit of music!
I "tobe" I always made a little "trailer" ... :-)

But synonymous easy "question mark" as a "what was it now?" question about refereeing decisions (; where you will hear from their own coach synonymous something similar, of course, synonymous with on it!

I have stated time synonymous with a game about 15 false, biased refereeing decisions after beautiful in slow motion. Since I is a 'Amblyopsidae "slipped and the referee wanted to put me off the place. :-))) Well, that happens to the best, as we know ... , -)

What I (; for me, the players are 12-13 years old) are interesting to find photographs from the cab. It is not one of them is not really there, of course, but then - and then later be synonymous parents in moments of insight to take, which some had experienced elsewhere NIE. (; I do not synonymous with no camera) This includes confidence! And eventually get used to the team synonymous to it.

Once I cut out quite deliberately a coaching announcement. First, I found my "censorship" itself is questionable, but then I realized that as a DVD, perhaps synonymous times to the other team or somewhere else moves ...

In the first "Brass" I had the biased referee synonymous with the headline "MY BEAUTIFUL abgewatscht wrong", but when you have slept a night over it is one clever and call it "questionable refereeing decisions.

= Stay athletic, synonymous as a filmmaker?! Maybe this is good journalism? (; in very small scale, but still!)

Liebe Grüße!

Antwort von Sebera:

On the subject of my beautiful mistakes "- synonymous when the temptation is great - I could not cut synonymous not uncomplaining our strikers missed chances in a row. Remember the latest when the next interview in it ... Perhaps liegts synonymous because the times I've grabbed myself 5 years to the pipe and that even voluntary.
Anyway, they were behind me in pretty embarrassing verbal gaffes - in addition, there is always synonymous viewers who want to be funny "when it comes in the fenseher?" rarely laughed so much.
Am I loved was going to say "after the close of kostenpflichtien subscriptions they receive Setopbox and the game can watch via video on demand at any time"
Well mostly silent (I; will indeed not a real damper on the sound when I had no time for Zoomaufbau) or give the indication that one can view the summary in the Internet. Which I would then look s.als ET and ALF landed for brunch ...

That reminds me - whether as a referee or as an amateur videographer of football - some people keep one for a UFO on two legs.

@ domain - The Royalty / Sinnfreie gedudel synonymous, I always find really bad - even in porn where ja ne time for "good sound" is heard. Is it dead wrong.

Antwort von derpianoman:

Here and there is something not seen so OK! This gives the game a bit more synonymous yes "spice". Otherwise we would have long been the "video evidence" ...

But it was at this game, the A - partisan! - Accumulation of SO GREAT
that even the other team would have almost complained to the referee!
Gone with the referee with the others on the cabin and was heard with "pity, today was not enough."

We did on DVD - and at the District Football Association, it never arrived.
But perhaps a video camera helps synonymous times the referee down on the referee to concentrate!

If he does not see things, then it should be a statistical average. :-)

We have (as I say youth synonymous D) had the experience that a team
which otherwise always "pretty einsteigt" and "skin in the bones" (only by the presence;!) a small camera has played fair ...


PS I already cut up the missed chances - because usually after a lovely compilation with the transformed "things to follow" was! :-)

PS I just read your post again: Is the referees do not intervene to VOLUNTARILY pipe? , -)

Antwort von Sebera:

PS I just read your post again: Is the referees do not intervene to VOLUNTARILY pipe? , -)

Well, as a rule the people in the club to be addressed anyway can hardly matches. If these people still bad, "No." can say - it has happened. That in our group, only 50% is not creating the test s.der ordeal. Remember after the first practice sessions, most first on what they have let themselves and there did not appear at first. Are people naturally still remain there. Therefore we may sometimes not be surprised about referees listings.

I have volunteered at least at that time - whether it was better then no idea ;-)

Antwort von derpianoman:

Thanks for the info - I have also never made me think!
As bad violinist one still has chances to become viola! , -)

I've always thought the refs had at some times attacked a passion ". But perhaps the bribes are synonymous with low to be fun s.Job might have ... ;-))))

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