Infoseite // Synonymous as a PCIe video card?

Frage von TechnoFeather:

Good day,

I'm just here concern myself more with the issue of DV editing to me soon and I want to buy a new machine to work on, I wanted to have time to inform me in advance about whether it has PCIe NLE editing cards are on the market or coming soon will. PCI-X is not, unfortunately for me, and to ask PCI card I would like to share any more, because the bandwidth just not enough.

Best regards,



Antwort von Markus:

The bandwidth of PCI is no longer enough? Has abated since the bandwidth? ;-)


Antwort von SixFo:


there. 'm Going to Know the name of the card is no longer.




Antwort von schwenkerfilm:

As far as I know, synonymous Blackmagic Design was in the range.


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