Infoseite // TM350 and TM700 videos to share in 4 GB files. This is the Synchronisierun

Frage von Sportedition:

I bought two extra to the video cutting and a TM700 TM350. All three cameras record simultaneously from different perspectives to organizers.
The cameras are synchronisert s.Anfang using film damper. Although neither the manual nor cited in the data sheet to share the videos in the camcorder videos on each of 4 GB even though the card is 32GB in size. Between now auto-scale scenes, it is 4 GB for short shifts and the synchronization is lost. The video cut is made so impossible.
The 4 GB limit of FAT 32 is known to me. However, beyond, despite FAT 32, some devices this 4 GB limit. (; And Dreambox Vantage)
An NTFS-formatted memory card would be the solution but will not recognize NTFS of two cameras. (; With NTFS it would not give this 4 GB limit)
Do other camcorders synonymous these 4 GB limit, or have already such a solution like Vantage or Dreambox? Or recognize the NTFS!
What are your experiences?
With my best thanks.


Antwort von srone:

with the cameras is generally a software included, with which one can pack the blocks into a complete loss.
fat32 is the lowest common denominator between win and apple, as long as nothing new comes.




Antwort von Jott:

If you are the supplied or are using other software (eg Final Cut Pro), which deals correctly with AVCHD, then the partial files are put together correctly again. We sometimes do the same as you, and of course, is the frame accurate. The additional files on the cards, which are some omit so much when reading, required, among other things.


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