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In field reports I read that the videos of the TM700, especially in HD Writer absolutely sharp, colorful and will look great. According to the general enthusiasm about the new Panasonic models and the great demo videos on the net (Youtube and Vimeo) I bought the TM700 of Panasonic.

Unfortunately, my pictures do not correspond at all with the uploaded videos in the network: The pictures have far too little dynamics, are too bright and blacks are dark gray rather than black. I place down, however, the exposure, I feel it so that the color and image quality is worse. When moving objects to blur the action too much.

I am a novice in terms of video films: Am I too stupid - not later than the automatic but should be in the best light in a position to produce best videos. Are the videos have been optimized in the network by means of video editing programs or Cam is not my right?

Thank you for your answers!

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Antwort von domain:

Relevant is the first time in the viewfinder or Picture impression on the camera screen. If true, however, then you need to calibrate your PC monitor.
If the correct exposure time at max. 1 / 50 - 1 / 100 is that objects are represented in a pan always blurred, this is even necessary for a video. Frame analysis are not effective.


Antwort von stefanf:

A Automatick is nichtder last word.
It is the einAlgorhytmus irgendwwas out of the situation makes available. Often, it fits, but the NICT Opimum.

I could now refer to the manual options, but will help you as much Beginners.

In the gray bet what wirhier have is quite difficult to test what is right and I say sometimes that you synonymous kei nSTudiolicht künsctlichen whitening available to you.
to observe the mixing is still light, which usually prevails Indoor.
Natural light, with artificial light and / or various artificial types simultaneously.

Just when the sun again sgehen rua White Balance and then on Sun. Possibly. Even with UV-filter the image tune experiences.


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