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TMPGEnc - Filmteilen funktioniert nicht

TMPGEnc - film parts is not working

Frage von Reisinger:
Juni 2006

again, at times had a problem with asking advice
Have included a television film and of the videotape (analog) to the PC (to transfer digitized). Located there, the now MPEG - with 5.2 GB file is too large to be burned onto a single DVD. So share.
I Have the contribution of your Forums "Who has a tip for me, AVI to VCD with Nero led" to heart and then proceed:
TMPGEnc download - Open - File - MPEGTools - Merge & Cut - Type in MPEG 2 Super VideoCD (VBR) entered - having to add film to be cut is inserted - under different file name and output location for the first part of the film input - marks the film to be cut and click on Edit - in new window Edit item merge under the Range Start and end position of the first part fixed - you tap the Endklammer - on ok - and MPEG Tools window, then typed in the Run. In the new window Merge MPEG began taking part video Total running seconds to hear - but always at 4104.08 sec to output and having been designated to file 0,00 MB, coupled with the About button.
Control in the space provided was only ever a new video icon with only 128 KB and there only the 1 Frame of the film on.

So I am at now. What am I doing wrong, who can advise me as well? Thanks in advance.

Antwort von ropro:


Thus. You want one MPEGDatei burn to a DVD. Why do you then use VCD or SVCD settings? Attempt once MPEGProgramStream or something like that.

Prerequisite for the MPEG file directly, without re-render to Authors for DVD, that it is in the right MPEG2 format.
What have you added the file, then?
The MPEG recordings of some Programs are known to not always be accurate. In this case, you can try to repair it with PVAStrumento too.

Personally, I would simply file the shrinker so that it fits on a single DVD. With a length of 4100 s, the problem would go off.
For this you need the DVD first authors, in other words, make a DVD compliant MPEG file structure. This goes eg with TMPEG DVD Author. Put the file there clean. Then you can still make a menu. Then output it in a directory. Then you have a Video TS folder. With DVDShrink you can shrinker the 5 GB to 4.37GB, so that they exactly fit on a DVD, and then burn with Nero (Important: Select Video-DVD!).

If the file still be in a completely different MPEG format, you will remain nothing else left to re-render, but that, I'm going at the moment is not enough.

Good luck,

Antwort von Reisinger:

Apparently my post on 18.6.06 not arrived, so once again.

First Thanks s.ropro And this:

On the question of the kind carried Recording: This was carried out with Nero Vision 4> Options> Capture Video to Hard Drive on a ASUS video card.
The film is now on the PC with the features of MPEG-2, PAL (25.00 fps), 4: 3 (frame size 720 x 576 pixels) and Dolly Digital (AC -3) 2.0
I thought I could file s.sich then using Nero Vision 4> select DVD> Burn DVD-Video (VR). But too large, the very idea of a division.

The Council with the Shrink is new to me and I would like to follow him. But: Is it really necessary for the property described in the file, before the Shrinker Author, you still synonymous with? And if so, are there for the authors nor other synonymous Programs, for TMPGEnc DVD Author is at first only a test program for 14 days.

Pardon my additional questions, but I'm just a just a little more advanced novice s.Beginn of the project is only on VHS cassettes located through DVD movies preserve.

Antwort von ropro:


I know myself with Nero Vision does not, therefore, can only provide guidance nich.
First of all, the thing with the authors:
A video DVD does not contain any *. mpg files, but DVD has its own structure (which consists of an audio - and video TS folder exists, in which there are *. vob and ifo files, the file system even allowed) in mind.
And it is precisely such a structure requires synonymous DVDShrink. So when you have only a *. mpg file, you must first create a DVD once Stuktur. This should not synonymous with Nero Vision possible (because you can burn so apparently synonymous). Look even if you can print the file so as to DVDStruktur hard drive.
And then (just to DVDShrink googlen) inside ...

Antwort von Reisinger:

Hello ropro!

Thanks for the additional information. I would now my turn to give any information about the status of my efforts, if interested.

My plan is indeed shooting of the transfer of VHS to DVD for better preservation.
The first attempt to get this in itself only by the use of Nero Vision 4 (capturing - Menuerstellung - burning), suggested, therefore, equally unsuccessful, because Nero Vision at capturing a 90-minute film is an MPEG file of about 5 GB created, so too big for a single DVD. Therefore, my first thought, this file share, but what with TMPGEnc not very successful, and therefore my question s.das forum.
That is, instead of you advised Skrinken after previous authors of the MPEG file is indeed a solution, but to me it seemed a bit too complex, which s.mir undoubtedly represented a relative newcomer.

I rummaged for alternatives, and therefore am with Winload were looking for, and although the program with HT VHStoDVD (shareware, German) of Honest Technology. And so it works, and like this:

With this program, capturing the VHSFilm as an MPEG file, PAL, 4:3, good quality on the PC. Although this program has synonymous even the option to edit and burn, but I did it first with the trusted me try Nero Vision. This type of a blank DVD + RW or DVD + R and enter insert on the home page of the command on Nero Vision "Creating an editable DVD (VR). In the next window of Nero Vision then import the MPEG file from the PC. Then Menuerstellung - Preview - burning takes place (at this same time transcoding in a DVD-inconsistent structure) with Nero Vision. It succeeded with this method, a 90-minute film, and even bring more without further compression to a DVD + RW or DVD + R. And, as has hitherto been in all my actions carried out, with good quality.

I hope this information with your review have been synonymous for other such projects s.einem interested and thanks again for giving me the advice given and information.


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