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Frage von spiderchristian:


Seats now been 3 hours in front of the PC and have all software durchprobiert. I just do not think, I mean woit TOD files of the JVC camera to convert it so that I can import into Premiere.

I got the movies in the format MPEG-2 TS (1440CBR) activities. Which program should I use to convert and take the settings?

When supplied PowerDirector it would actually work great, just get here as the output video is always a whole and not individual files. In all cases there are other software as good as 1440 never cease.

Danke schon mal ...


Antwort von Basti27:

Maybe you can help the next ...


Antwort von spiderchristian:

No, unfortunately, not synonymous. Can rename files in MPEG, but Premiere brings the message "media pending"


Antwort von charletto:

Hi, Media Cache Cleanup in PP, which I had synonymous!



Antwort von 02VideoFaBI:

Or use CineForm NeoScene, unfortunately this is not very cheap ...


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