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Frage von Tommy122:

'm In search of nem tripod for my Canon XH A1!

Since most movies but I do not want to freehand, I have more than 200, - to spend!
And to take a hobby .... I am not a professional filmer and which a camera tripod to 2000, - is required!
But nevertheless, it should be just good for something!

Are! Sony Tripods with Fernbediehung! compatible with the XH A1??

And as it looks like with the Velbon DV -7000?

Please help me:)


Antwort von Axel:

"Tommy122" wrote: And as it looks like with the Velbon DV -7000?

Yeah, as always. If you do not vaginal hydraulically damped panoramic pans need for the money, there's nothing better.

Leaving aside the fact that it is only a filmic advantage to wean pans: Sometimes we need them all. That in this respect - in terms s.Gewicht the A1 - a better tripod is already available for 1500 ¬. Unfortunately, no carrying personnel, because it weighs more than twice as much.


Antwort von Tommy122:

But actually it is a camera tripod for ne or am I wrong?


Antwort von Axel:

The "DV" is supposedly for "Digital Video". Camera tripods must have no consistent suppression, they are usually held back only by plastic-metal friction, by screws or threaded narrowing, a pivot jerky then more. The more than two kilos of A1 are borderline for the Velbon, thought it is probably less for "Henkel men". Here are some next Manfrotto is concerned, note the huge price jump in the series 503 to series HDV 516th

The 503 are a little better and with almost 2 kg more than just a little heavier than the Velbon. With prices between 600 and 800 ¬ is expected to then s.Boden festbetoniertes Tripod with completely smooth swing behavior, but you are mistaken. Both are slightly better than the Velbon.

The above-mentioned qualities you find in Sachtler. The linked set of the aforementioned costs 1500 ¬, more expensive's always possible. But for less money you get, at least new, just another compromise.


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