Infoseite // TS file demux in Mpeg Streamclip and then burn a DVD?

Frage von Kathrina:

Hello, I have a Dreambox and would like the TS files recorded by Mpeg Streamclip demux burn and in the highest possible quality than DVD. Now I know my way with the codecs at all and am out in the ways in Mpeg Streamclip, and synonymous overwhelmed during further processing. So far have done so ego, I am not sure if this is the optimal solution:
TS file via MPEG Streamclip as "MPEG converted. This file I then "Create DVD" in the Compressor on (the default it gives you before then) is imported and then sent.
Or should I export a Quicktime? Then the resolution is better? However, it takes then yes, both the export from MPEG Streamclip as synonymous with the processing of the Compressor quite long. Or no use Compressor? If there were a better alternative? The DVDs will be displayed fully Menufrei.
Thanks a million!


Antwort von B.DeKid:

TS is not already a file with MPEG codec

Have you ever tried to rename to *. mpg directly and then to let burn now?
Without having to Kompremieren?

B. DeKid


Antwort von ThomasKluge:

I would use the tsMuxeR to demux. How, then, but next, I do not know. At least then you have an H.264 and an AC3 stream.


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