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Frage von DOF:

Dear tech community!

I would like a gym, which is over 120 TV device has a solution that the regular TV advertising weggeschalten and is being replaced by, or that you have a scrolling text on the active program can cover.

What kind of technical solution, or can send me links?

Strongly hope that this knowhow that I could help.


Antwort von Johannes:

You have to go read the source such as a DVD player to switch once in the regular TV advertising is. Then, from your own advertising played.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

I have the exact idea is not yet understood, but I think now my part.

All your desires will be in real time and without manual intervention.

1) You want to see above Senderkennungnen remove the screen. That is not (what should appear instead?) So with a simple video mixer s.diese body use its own logo (or luminance Chromakey - depending on the background color of the logo) or a mosaic s.der agency group (making the pros as synonymous) . One can see that what was there, but not what.

2) You want a scrolling text displayed. There are expensive graphics cards with matching software, or you take a PC with an appropriate animation on black background (or video). Again, the mixer with a Luminanzkey the operating device.

Variation to 1 and 2 )
If you are with the channel IDs can live, but then make a so-called Picture in Picture in a smaller window, runs the program, also is your advertising message. You see sometimes beio sports broadcasts.

3) Do you want advertising the program through their own videos to replace. There is no automatic. Actually, the transmitter on break VPS signal so VPS VCR in advertising breaks can go on break. For obvious reasons, this signal but not on Channel ... Also, you have a build entsprechndes device, which evaluates this signal and switches the angeschlossenenGeräte suitable.

I think you will be a manual handling, eg by the counter staff do not get round.

All these proposals assume that you have all the monitors with the same video ver video connector and provides the central einspeist. Should any other television program can show it does not work that way.


Antwort von deti:

Am sure that we in the company would be achieved. I think only then is the Muckibude broke.



Antwort von thos-berlin:

The Picture-in Picture-solution with a simple mixer like Edirol or data of video possible. Likewise a key. The parts cost less than ¬ 1000, -.

Perhaps even the Panasonic WJ-AVE5 used to be used in Internet auction houses for ¬ 250, - can get. Do I even try.

As a "player" for their own billboards may be a small PC with TV-Out can be used. The technical quality of the PC-image for the purpose should suffice. I have with a PC without Scaler - just with the TV-out, perfectly usable text insertions made.

The design of the billboards - it offers a Powerpoint presentation - must be only "Fernsehtauglich" report. Ie, large simple fonts without frills (ie mainly synonymous without serifs. I would just Arial or Verdana font size p.20 take points) and no graphics with very fine structures. At best, the whole test with a Resolutionvon 800x600 s.PC (resolution of the TV comes quite close) or via the TV-out look.

Is of course synonymous a matter of entitlement. The higher the demand, the higher the price ....


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