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TV als Zweitmonitor

TV as second monitor

Frage von Marcus68:
April 2006

Good evening, I have a problem and wanted to ask if I can help someone. got my tv as a second monitor, but does not get colored images, have already switched to pal and synonymous s.tv all inputs tested, but no color?

Antwort von Markus:

Hello Marcus,

Your description, it is s.fehlenden cable between the calculator and Television. Since it can get no picture, no black and white synonymous. Or you had the cable not mentioned only because it was too trivial? Just as the "signal" (camcorder, VCR, computer, ...?)? And all the other details which would have been necessary to answer your question?


Antwort von MichaelM:

Okay, I have unfortunately the problem itself:

I would like my television than 2t. Monitor use kucken for the DVD. For this I use an S-VHS cable of where this is the graphics card out to the television is connected via a scart adapter with the TV.

Now, I have picture on the television, but unfortunately, this black and white.

Now I know, unfortunately, not really next,'m sorry I have to admit synonymous in Case PC extremely inexperienced.

Michael Mfg.

Antwort von Quadruplex:

The scart socket on the TV has S-Video, which s.den most TVs can not all s.manchen and no (-> Manual and this time accurate information on the TV and graphics card). Drivers must also synonymous in the graphics card may be switched to S-Video.

Antwort von ZapT:

Which graphics card do you have?

If you use an external graphics card driver program, eg. Catalyst Control Center you need S-video output as an output mixture test signal giltet nvidia cards in the same ..

If you do not have a driver program, you need to download it to you ..

Antwort von Shadow:

Hello people. My problem is quite similar. I've searched the forum but found nothing of the sort.
I have a TV of the 2 Scarts, 1 HDMI and 1 DVI (audio IN). Sorry, but no SVHS port.

I would like to use the TV as a monitor for my laptop to play computer games on my TV then.
When I have one cable with the following times s.beiden Ends: http://www.digitalland.de/xanario_pinfo.php?xP=5m_S-VHS_Kabel&shop_ID=5&sessID=9ff82ba3739c0c052aff391d7ca71a8c
not only hold so high quality. An S-video cable should be.
My TV has, unfortunately, to no input. But the HD / DVD Burners of Sony. Unfortunately, I can do what I want, I get absolutely no picture on the TV. I do not know what I am doing wrong. I switched the TV on DVD (connected via Scart) and then permanent live there every 4 connections (Line 1 to Line 4). Unfortunately, nowhere a Picture.

Then I bought me an adapter that looks like a scart connector and rear panel has s.der Connections. There, I can tuck my cable and then I can plug it directly into the TV. Picture no. What am I doing wrong?
I got my TV program tool and switched to TV mode. Nothing ....

Antwort von Markus:

Hi Shadow,

at Scart connectors, there are inputs and outputs. Both are different and can be wired through the signal only in a certain direction. Maybe the fact that the adapter of you has used the wrong signal direction?

Learn More:
About Scart inputs and outputs

Antwort von Steppenwolf22:

because a small switch is tuned directly s.dem Scartadapter inputoutput stands on it, I've tried both. : (

But it now goes. Only the picture I'm not impressed. On my big TV 108cm schauts badly pixelated out. Veress Can you still do it?

Antwort von thos-berlin:

Probably not. With a cinch, scart or S-Video analog works connected Television / Video Monitor with PAL standard, that is 768 x 576 pixels. This is independent of the diagonal, the display and the other possibly with existing connections to reach resolution. Comparison to the computer screen has a pixelated look.

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