Infoseite // TV monitor as a control s.PC?

Frage von Die Talla:

Hello everybody,

I have two monitors and PC zZsmeinem möschte now connect to DV for editing even a small addition s.dem Portable TV PC monitor as a control.
Analognenntennen The Television has a port and a Scart connector, how and what I would have to expand my PC if I want to connect your TV (4:3)?


Antwort von nicecam:

The two monitors are, therefore s.den 2 video outputs. Is the graphics card synonymous S-Video or Composite - Out? Then there might be connected to the television.

But beware! In such a case, allow "common" graphics cards to my knowledge only after the operation, either together or one of 2 monitors and a TV monitor together. A "Tri" operation is not possible.

That would need a 2nd graphics card or one of her Matrox, which allows the operation of 3.

There is another path. You can leave a analog / digital converter such as Canopus ADVC 55/110/300 (see synonymous with


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