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Frage von vrosch:

we make technical investigations of motion in pumpschwingungnen seilbahnen.
here we have some seilfelder filmed with multiple cameras (; seilfelder are apart) several hundred meters.
All over several hours.
All I have synchroniesiert in adobe premiere and the interesting sections highlighted. (and it was about the deflection s.seil).

We have also carried out with an accelerometer directly s.sessel records.
These records show how high the accelerations were, per unit time.

now comes the problem eigenliche (; probably not a problem for you)

how do I get the measurement data of the video track accelerometer also have that.

I just want to, which is presented each frame, the respective acceleration value than many. All I would then place synchronously video tracks on the other (; seilfelder).

I have a complete production studio cs4 for disposal.
All were so similar to the after effects with the effect text / / number, I only pay for a table (; textfile) suppose.

if I could help someone, I would be very happy!
synonymous me think that someone other synonymous such a similar problem has already had.


Antwort von domain:

Can hardly imagine how ungepixelte external digital data as easy to integrate into any NLE.
I would be (more of an Excel chart in graph form, smoothing) produce, import it into Photoshop and then in the NLE, either an animated or moving Scrubber generate hinwegbewegen the whole picture over a fixed marker by Keyframesteuerung. Current numerical values of mad you did not think that very much, because they can not enter the eye.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Tell a hand basket underneath is a possibility.

To create a layer in PS with transparency and reinschreiben the values, then put on the video track in the 2 video track.

The Titler, you can make it synonymous something.

Embed only whole string of text then read data tables and einfuegen schwiriger what is already there, with subtitles is still very good but oh well depends on the data records, also, with subtitles, and I know my nich so, as regards the orientation s.TC.

Perhaps kannd ir da jemand nen link and tip to give.

B. DeKid


Antwort von domain:

I'm assuming, is that no single number vrosh typing manual want. But text files can import Excel to create graphs and loose it. Everything else is then just a question of integration and scaling, can be inserted with the numerical values in the Y-axis, vertical and of course, a Title synonymous stationary.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Myllenium is more like an expert because I'm with little programming in AU s.Hut

But I could imagine that one can adjust the timecode values, ie in the x min s.The ner EXEL from the column y Z takes place in the video.

My Fritze is as fit is on vacation so no chance for me to contact him about such things now too.


B. DeKid


Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: My Fritze is as fit is on vacation

good idea to announce it right now ....

So, my return to Poland Pavel is, ask me now, not only for asparagus.


Antwort von vrosch:

Thanks for the reply!

domain is right, I will touch nothing at all:)
especially so are the approximately 360,000 cheap:)

which should all be so synchronously, so I want all the values that were generated by the accelerometer as a whole traces on the other basket.

I have the various exciting fields (; 3.stk) each fully incorporated ca.3 std.

But this is only one interesting (in part, depending on the speed of the plant) and to position the chair with the accelerometer.

I have an additional software (; WinAnalyze) so I can say exactly how much the displacement of a pixel point, according to previous kallibierung.

exactly these values, deflection and accelerations should be perfectly synchronously.

All is really not that complicated, but very expensive in-accurate sync.

I hope you understand what I mean.

I then cut each individual share of the total out (; at different speeds around 15 different sequences) and only these values then I winanaylze with the program.

But as soon as I take out only certain parts, it is very problematic for me the different measurements (; video, acceleration) synchronously to get back.

curve is more likely to bring synonymous draw anything, as I share just short of the curve was relevant to me are (; exactly when the chair with the accelerometer over) runs.

With the bildern I've already thought of synonymous to me, as I sowas but can generate auto (; each a picture with the measured value and the frame) I unfortunately do not knows.
that would ne possibility, then I could jeweisl the 360,000 images are a frame for a film to unite spur. Hopefully laufts still liquid.

am grateful for any further assistance!


Antwort von pixtrixntrax:

I know myself now in Excel / OpenOfficeCalc not so, but
If you manage to each individual value to each. (pdf-document rauszuschreiben; via macro?) eg

12h: 00m: 00s: 01f___285___file00001.pdf
12h: 00m: 00s: 02f___290___file00002.pdf
12h: 00m: 00s: 03f___310___file00003.pdf
12h: 00m: 00s: 04f___450___file00004.pdf

then you can in Photoshop batch mode to convert jpgs,
and import the result as a single sequence into Afx.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

@ Joerg

Have you ever had something made of how the FX program - do not bite - then go asparagus. (; Could ja mal nen Film upward motion)

I can program in investigative or small Progis and so jokes, but things (from bind ner table s.nen TC, if that is what I would imagine)

that can nich I said and how the only one who would think of me, who is currently surfing in Morocco and has now determined else than before I ask Him to tell me how to Scriptet.

But if you time your train orgies integrierst to the schedule with GPS kordinat of each track in your movies, then maybe I'll mal nen job or ne s.dich request to forward.

Until then, I prefer to ask Dr. Snuggles ne me if he tinkers rocket to the moon, then I'll come visit you once. Ne galvanized screw so I've been here, should nich so much more missing.


B. DeKid



Antwort von Mylenium:

Since you had to zusammenhacken what. To pre's are not necessarily what is there. This were the place to start:

Keyframes to produce:

The problem may simply be the mass s.wert. In addition, you would then define for each keyframe may be synonymous font, font size, etc. in the script. Is it fun making the whole thing will not therefore, because the script will have rumwerkelt mal 'ne hour to work through all keyframes (; provided AE lubricates not before) starting. For such cases ranholen me then I would rather use external tools such as Mathematica or Mathlab or EasyStat that you generate aus'ner database or XML file simply "ne image sequence with the values. Or look just times where you can buy the whole, perhaps as a service ...



Antwort von domain:

As times but I am curious to see what solution will be.
Because the frequency of the data-collection must be a multiple of 25 less. When the time is true, then it could theoretically be programmed skipping Choice of readings and encrypted in pixelated images.
The sequence of the many images can be quite simple s.sich be transformed into an animated clip, that's the slightest problem and then it goes fast anyway next, apart of the synchronization problems.
The first step, however, namely the conversion of a digital data stream into a visually txt synchronous display 25 fps I would even be interested.
Incidentally, besides asking for whom or what do you do that?
Should it go just a little refurbishing own image presentation, then do it through Excel, synonymous if it should lack the ultimate accuracy.
What else would, of course, a strictly scientific work.


Antwort von vrosch:

So with gps goes nothing. is much too vague.

WinAnalyze with the program can ever after calibration accuracy of a few cm to mm according to excerpts of bildes our case were 5-10cm accuracy is sufficient.
when it comes to the deflection, which makes the rope to an imaginary line.

I work at a somewhat larger company seilbahnen which produces, that's why the whole effort.

All is done from a scientific view.

we want to find out why it comes to these vibrations.
We have also tried various possible solutions and then we put them virtually superimposed.
The results are really good.

with which the film has actually worked quite well and the cameras with 5 hrs of about 3-4. on the slopes. there are some things that you need to make it all to keep synchronously.

The way forward on data values in image transformations I've already thought of me anyway.
The stop is only through a macros that will perform this conversion.

I thought I should go easy, that it by any plugin or other wise something like that.

I have already spoken with a programmer, who sees the whole then next week respectively. should in principle be no problem.

However, if somebody knows another simpler way, please reply!

I've attached a picture for a better understanding.
here we see how the whole is evaluated.
The red dot is on the left of the dot tracking.
This is the intersection of the line and subsequently used to the rope.
this one gets schnittpunkt a fictitious and can therefore determine the deflection.
The program does this when there is sufficient contrast of different self-employed, up comes the chair. must then be interpolated, respectively.
The acceleration measurement is on the chair, using several sensors. ne is very expensive story.


Antwort von domain:

"vrosch" wrote:

... I've already talked with a programmer, who sees the whole then next week respectively. should in principle be no problem.

The synonymous, I think, would be for a programmer not a problem. Would be quite nice if you would tell us of the final solution times.


Antwort von vrosch:

I will make repays.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

GPS is not related to your project ;-)


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