Infoseite // Television with cable TV distributors to the card!

Frage von Blue:


I have my TV with a PC TV card connected unzwar gehtdas TV via cable from the splitter to the TV card!

I empfanke I and all the sender s.PC I receive look like schreklich verpixelt out!

Ih what can I do?


Antwort von thos-berlin:

I guess times that you turn on the television and the TV card with an antenna distribution s.die antenna searched. This can lead to loss of Quallität, if cable and / or distribution is not high enough. That should be synonymous, but on the TV to see and be there to cause synonymous.

If it is DVB-T may be a disturbed reception in artifacts, so a "block training" felt.

Otherwise there is the "interlaced issue." Television images are divided into two fields one by one and transferred s.Television synonymous successively. A Television show that is not really 25 frames per second, but 50 half frames per second (every second line of the screen). A PC always shows a complete picture. Since the recording of the two half-images (an entire picture) a 50 seconds auseinanderliegt may be the picture in the time have changed. At the PC, it will kammartige "Effects" s.senkrechten lines, when viewing the same videos s.Television not be seen. This is systemic and not to change.

Another problem is the resolution. A PAL TV signal with 768 x 576 picture Punke transferred (DV with 720 x 576). A PC screen has, for example, a Resolutionvon 1280 x 1024 score. Each pixel must be almost (!) 4 pixels s.PC enlarged. Depending on the procedure, can make the picture slightly unschaft or are very pixilated. (The fact that the non-integer resolution is larger, making this "inflation" even more difficult). - This is synonymous why normal TV on a big LCD-/Plasmabildschirm is slightly blurred. The relative optical with sufficient viewing distance.


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