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Frage von ciko:

When I digitize the material, I have car. AVI - and a temp file - File.
I've heard that one with a setting in Premiere 6.5 that you can change only the. AVI - File has.
How does it please?



Antwort von Gast1:

Temp files are temporary (intermediate) files that the program for execution of securities, for example generated. If everything is set correctly, these files after the completion of processing or at the conclusion of the program auto deleted.


Antwort von ciko:

But even if I finish the project or delete, or the program, they are still there,
the whole is very complicated if you want to delete something, so you do not accidentally delete something you still need!


Antwort von nico:

Quote: But even if I finish the project or delete, or the program, they are still there,

These are not files that are in digitizing (capturing) were created, but when editing inside a project.

The hot then Adobe Premiere preview files and are usually in a separate folder within the project folder to another folder with the name "Projektname.TMP". The car then stored files usbei preview calculation of individual work areas and enable the Project without re-rendering unnecessary play. One should therefore not delete them until you have worked s.dem Project.


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