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Test: Test: CS5 Files, Part 4 - After Effects - Multi-Core and RAM of rudi - 27 Oct 2010 19:36:00
> The biggest change of all of After Effects CS5 lies behind the 64-bit adaptation of the application. For in contrast to Premiere, After Effects actually begin with the advantages of the 64 bit environment really something. But the management of resources is tricky.
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Antwort von freezer:

This is consistent with my observations still synonymous with CS4.

I have a Vista64 and one OSX10.6 system, both with 8 GB Ram and Quad Core, both with AFX CS4.

I need to adjust the memory requirements so that 4.1 GB free for other applications, otherwise the rendering process takes some time all the memory, the system to remain only a few MB - it is everything. No matter whether on OSX or Vista64.

Meanwhile, I use the script


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