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Test: test: SonyHDR-CX505VE and HDR-CX520VE of rudi - 25 Aug 2009 12:34:00
> Once again, two new Sony Handycam models from top league of the consumer: instead of hard drive is recorded on integrated Festpeicher or memory stick, which allows over the XR500/520 a more compact design. In addition, these models are cheaper, but have been synonymous with weggespart a few features ...
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Antwort von Xergon:

Hm, am I mistaken or rushing the two CX-he much stronger in lowlight than the XR520?
The two test pictures put it very close: (; XR520) (; CX505)

Presumably Sonyzwar has built in the same sensor, but incorporated in the CX505/520 an inferior amplifier electronics. That would be synonymous not explain why so much as with the sharpened XR520 - you do not want to emphasize the increased noise.

Just my 2 cents ... (; say that nowadays in the Web?: _)



Antwort von kgerster:

Currently, the street price of the CX505 is similar to that of the XR500.

No question that there is a better choice. The XR500 rustles in low-light and actually very little that is the outstanding feature of this camcorder in general. And just because you can make good use of the Justagerad for Aperture in Objektivnähe. The XR500 otherwise inclined to low-light times to "overexposure" :-)


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