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Test: Test: SonyHDR-XR550 and HDR-CX550 of rudi - April 14, 2010 13:45:00
> Will with great intensity, thanks a lot Angleund Wide back-illuminated sensor Exmor R Sonygewichtige offer selling points in the top-class consumer to 1,500 euros. Sounds not bad, but what is the total package?


Antwort von srone:

sony would be interesting in general, whether the information is av-lanc connection possible on as an adapter will cost just about 30 ¬.
because each manufacturer unfortunately his own soup cooks would probably point to the lanc superior in the table by the point hinterbedienbar and replace if so, how.




Antwort von Jan:

SlashCAM Thanks!



Antwort von phronopulax:

To display would have me interested, it's really true, as reported in Videoaktiv? - The Picture of the display is only in a small angular range visible and synonymous with the sun not as good as the XR500/520.


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