Infoseite // The MPEG mystery?

Frage von Pauline:

Good morning,

already many thanks in advance for your tips.

I have a about 800 MB large image of a VCD. When I image now in a virtual drive and mount it as normal as VCD playback quality of the video file is super.

Now I want to burn the MPEG file, but together with others in a DVD and I have copied to the File of the (virtual) CD to the hard drive. I now play this s.läuft the MPEG video is no longer liquid, and the picture is totally "pixelated". On another Calculator happened exactly the same. Both are high performance calculator, s.der hardware so it can not actually lie.

What could be the problem?

Greetings from northern Germany


Antwort von - Udo -:

If the file appears in both cases with the same player in the same size?


Antwort von Pauline:

(User Above) wrote:
: Is the file in both cases with the same player in the same size
: Play?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

No, in the first case "feed" I think players (Cyberlink) mt virtual VCD (which works fine) and only the second time with the copied of the VCD MPEG (copied! Not converted) and not running at all.


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