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Der Weisse See - Independent Märchen-Film

The White Sea - Independent Film-tale

Frage von Bertholt4:
Mai 2010

The white lake, Germany 2005, 71 min, Format: MiniDV (; Canon XL-1). A Cinemabstruso production.


Somewhere a village, where the farmer lives Matthias, Laban and a profligate. For the work he had not made, of which he claims is his sweetheart and the Marike. It is summer and marries Marike, no, not Matthew, but the rich Heinrich. He is the son of the landowner and a False Face, as people say on the farm. Shortly afterwards Marike stabbed in the forest. Matthias should have been. Even if that tells a different story, want to hang him. Matthias will break neck head on over to find the place where the dead are alive. The fabled white lake.

A tight schedule, little money and more than 90 participants were primarily a logistical effort. About 40 different locations, removals of the entire team in Saxony and Thuringia. To this was s.Kostuemen the additional workload, and a Maerchenfilm Baubuehne required. A Witch's house has been completely and 40 sewed costumes. Two cameramen with two Tonteams the 60 hours of material exposed and several 16 hour days making the turn to the project in August 2005.

Antwort von minidv:

You should still make the film on Vimeo to the public. He is currently in private ..

Antwort von Bertholt4:

Yo, thank you - is just happened!

Antwort von raphu84:

... still private. :-(;


Antwort von Debonnaire:

If the movie can start.

We see your great effort and the fairly high ambitions, for which I congratulate you! Unfortunately for me it's has been with the praise ...

The Eröffnungstotale is far too short. If you want to show something with a setting, say /, then you have to have a spectator synonymous ne chance the Picture reinzuziehen, otherwise you can let those shots away safely. Especially attractive is the stand of the light not before her. Such an opening shot is the Mood Setting and the establishment of an environment, a mood of a location, a time when one looks. None of this is achieved here. The (too) distant castle / village / church (?) Has to do with the bedroom next to absolutely nothing and therefore confuses more than it helps it to show.

The following near-far-near-cuts on the man in the bed are unmotivated. We see that there was just time been filmed drauflos and, because the footage has now times, it is synonymous (slavishly) incorporated into the film. Such effects should cut the production of tension or relaxation and provide support to the action and not just the back-and herhüpfen the hopping even love to! After warmingly nonsensical Eröffnungstotale the spectator with the old man in bed far too abruptly thrown into the "plot". It is still wondering what should be the long shot of before and already has missed the first set of the actor (and his first word "Why" (?) Is even cut off by fractions and barely comprehensible.). Not to mention that we still had no opportunity to make with the new location familiar. Here, too, would be a so-called Establishing Shot (opening set) is helpful to you as a viewer the ability to orient themselves in space and time of the showing. If one for dramatic reasons (deliberately) to such a Master Shot (long shot, medium shot) is waived, it must then get a little taken aback, and not wild round and Hergeschneide no apparent purpose! The lighting in the room is very bad. That it should be dark is clear, but if everything that is not directly illuminated by the window or the candle absäuft simply pure black, which brings not synonymous.

And then runs as an open on the field. Cut. Middle of the forest, in an obviously very different location with entirely different colors and light mood screams around a. Villainous played by actor by the way: He screams unnerved and in compliance with the good hands from the womb ... Cut. The same (?) S.Tisch actor sits in a hut and do something. Where we are, why we are here, as we have come here from the forest, which is running out? The language is real grottenschlecht and hard to understand (although it has been dubbed obviously)!

I had already lost the desire s.Weiterschauen here and saved me the rest of the film. If you will provide a repaired version of this film, let me know, I look like then again in!

The big problem of a beginner filmmakers that they highly complex narrative structures, such as your disjointed-looking snapshots, which are possibly later make the movie make sense (to choose), they (control naturally) is not absolute (neither novel nor film), rather than simply times a "classical" narrated movie where the story leads nicely comprehensible of A to B to C to produce in order to learn the basics! - Another, admittedly difficult to master, basic problem of the amateur filmmaker is often just useless sound. He is s.Set usually given little, because with the whole visual Shooting s.Anschlag already running. Later we s.PC startled when the movie simply does not work without good sound and what must hinimprovisieren with dubbing. In contrast, no objection in principle. But if the "Studio" ton will not synonymous is understandable and above all still zero atmosphere (ambient noise) set the repeated after "in" the (cinematic) "reality" (because you just s.Set synonymous not think it was), then it is unbearable!

Antwort von Manuell:

Um, but that is not supposed to be now only a trailer?

Yet, unfortunately, was cut very badly and I do not understand where and why and what happened at all. Is all very confusing.

But of the equipment and the effort produced, I must say synonymous respect.
Was really a great project and something like you have to first press.

Now if the cut of her trailer is a bit more logical and the scenes are better resolved, then that certainly makes her something.

Is naturally difficult, if is missing the right material. But as for me it is completely confused by the trailer and I get no connection to anything.

Antwort von Bertholt4:

Is still not a real trailer, more of a choice of images from a 80 minute film. Debonaire it has not even checked - but it is funny what people he trusts. The tone is really most part, very bad.

What images would you let drinne and cut out the
(S.besten even with justification).

PS: That was really a bold project at that time - something like making ma, I only believe if you do not know exactly what to expect;). No-budget fantasy films - this is actually a impossible thing ...

Antwort von Debonnaire:

Ah, so ... As a trailer I have it, of course, not seen (as is synonymous? Yes anywhere!), But as a complete movie (have not paid attention to the short length of the clip). But as synonymous trailer is good for the things offered (yet) nothing.

What exactly did you want us because with this show's clip-and exactly what you expected of us as a reaction, Bertholt4?

Antwort von Manuell:

Hehehe. Now it is clear :-).

So now NEN full cut, matching music over it and maybe even a good speaker is (probably the story of her too confusing without a Sprechwer about it), then the something.

Antwort von Bertholt4:

Thank Manual!

Hello Débonnaire, so we sond in the process of updating our website and in the wake of missing his old shooting a trailer or at least a few pictures.

Would like to hear what the pictures and clippings. Even with such quiet, "acting badly" or too dark to show it without context.

Otherwise, I must say that I like people who throw themselves into fatty projects without knowing what they're doing really. In any case much better than those thousand little boring licked and short films that one sees so on most of the festival. The deserted me just s.die things. Those who doubt that in his initial projects is to point that will deliver later wahrschienlcih synonymous only massenkonformes tool. Since there is often just their own, quiet moment synonymous still unpolished. OK, that's my opinion. So back again: What images would rather get out and why?

Thank you!

Antwort von domain:

"Bertholt4" wrote:

Otherwise, I must say that I like people who throw themselves into fatty projects without knowing what they're doing really. In any case much better than those thousand little boring licked and short films that one sees so on most of the festival.

Well, the fat in various projects will probably not play a special role, quite the contrary, if a boring script on the allotted 15 minutes, artificially extended to 50 minutes out, as it currently can constantly watch on TV.
It seems to me that a very specific subculture in How Is is: people who themselves would like to make feature films look with very special eyes rather like weak competitive products s.and this judge him very graciously, hoping that their own videos based on reciprocity synonymous are not too verissen.
So, it's all just a lie in his own pocket.
Either you have particular ideas and script-synonymous extremely imaginative artistic ideas of their implementation or even just average and rather bored .............

Antwort von Debonnaire:

"Domain" wrote:

Either you have particular ideas and script-synonymous extremely imaginative artistic ideas of their implementation or even just average and rather bored .............

And why would you "The White Sea" count?

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