Infoseite // The new HD-Trailer Training Intensive

Frage von Lutz Dieckmann:


Here is the trailer for the new HD-DVD Intensive training. I hope you like it better this time than the other trailer. Since some had even more personal approach you want.



PS. Opinions are, as always very welcome


Antwort von Hans-Joachim:

My impression made very smart. The biggest surprise comes in the final seconds. It fits like a fist ... But I will betray nothing ;-)


Antwort von Debonnaire:

Yes, there it is technically well-made parts in it!

What does my pre-poster because with the "surprise" against the deadline? I've got me twice now durchgeschaut and I noticed nothing particularly surprising to the final point, which had not been in a similar manner previously shown times.

How much less appealing to the DIY sequences in the trailer. Of course, we all have to tinker much during the shoot ", but at such a hight endings supposedly Power trailer (at least as far as the music used) are not Laubsägegrossaufnahmen!

What I like synonymous not so good the last sale titles. The writing of "HD-INTENSIVE training" and "order now" (or something) then come in Comparison to the hollywoodlampengrid-backlit intertitles but more honest and therefore cheap. Since repair would.

The trailer is in its entirety, synonymous bit too long, that when I look at the really distinct aspects. It is somewhat repetitive s.der middle. I would leave out some (repeat) views and settings.

Betray us yet, as you have the Lampengrid with the 3D titles made before that? That is really sharp! Compliment!


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