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Die neue JVC GY HM700 oder alt bewährte GY HD 200

The new JVC GY HM700 or old proven GY HD 200

Frage von ponda199:
August 2009

Hi All,

as written in the previous post already, I'm just looking for the
right camera for me.

I had actually already HY smiled at the JVC HD 200, but now I'm on
JVC's new model of thrust, the JVC HY HM700, which is directly Quicktime clips
recording onto memory card.

Now my question: Has not someone already make experiences with this camera
can or someone can provide useful hints about the Kaudentscheidung?

I know that the HD200 "takes up only" 720p, and the HM700 dominated the 1920x1080p.
Synonymous, but I've read that the HD 200 in connection synonymous with a hard drive recorder
Beherschen 1080 be? Then if the higher price reasonable?

So as I said, has evidence that would help me in the purchase decision, I am very grateful!


Antwort von ed-media:

I have the HM700 since late June with the 14xCanon-Optics, at Vimeo there are a lot of material around the HM700.

Antwort von motiongroup:


Antwort von ed-media:

End July / August there is a new firmware for JVC's HM100 and HM700.

HM700 link to clips on Vimeo
<a href = "http://vimeo.com/videos/search:HM700">http://vimeo.com/videos/search:HM700</a>

Antwort von ponda:

Once before, many thanks for previous answers!

Synonymous, I think that I have to select the HM700

Now I just think I still am, to which lens I grab this ... yes, I tend to be synonymous with the Canon 14x, 16x Fujinon although that is somewhat more favorable. Maybe someone has indeed already have experience with the lenses ...

Also I am as yet unclear how this will work out with the SDHC cards, as indeed have a maximum throughput of about 20 MBs, but yes, the camera takes up to 35 Mb ... how this can work out because ... or I have a flaw?
Is then the high quality only with the SXS cards possible?


Antwort von deti:

"ponda" wrote:
... as with the SDHC cards will work out because even have a data throughput of about 20 MBs, so the camera takes up to 35 MBs, but ... how this can work out because ... or I have a flaw?

Fundamentally flawed: 20MByte / s> 35MBits / s (, 4.4 Mbytes / s)


Antwort von ed-media:

One is the bit - the other byte will be happy confused.
The data rate is making the 6x SDHC cards no problems
Xtreme Memory is 20% faster in read / write
(as Transcend, with AJA testing tool) and provide for
the 16 GB card at 35 Mbps over 2 minutes longer recording.
I only noticed it once.

The Canon 14x is definitely better on this interesting thread
under http://www.dvinfo.net/conf/jvc-gy-hm-series-camera-systems/
Read as many experiences are found around the optics on.
The Fujinon 16x is a Einfachlinse, 17x or better 13xFujinonlinse
with a better angle. The supplies of Canon 14x HD
customized results.

Antwort von ponda199:

Ok, thanks for the info! Since I am reassured that you do not necessarily need to upgrade them SXS cards.

Then I'll get me the HM 700!

Over a short info, I would be very grateful:
What Batteries are they recommended for the HM 700 to and how
it looks like with the battery performance? So how long such holds a
Battery charge.


Antwort von ed-media:

Typically, V-Mount Batteries, IDX of there, Swit, Omega (; where
the latter are more favorable). In the U.S. model AB Mt.

I use my IDX NP Li-ion batteries in an IDX battery bracket
with V-Mount, because I of another professional camera the whole
Equipment had.

Antwort von hofnarr:

I use watt hours, the private label of globalmediapro with 95 and 160th that are affordable and work with me for over a year without problems.

the estimated lifetime you you can based on the performance of a digital camera and even peripheral figure out. The HM700 uses (; watt jvc lt) without accessories ca 22nd an accurate with 95 watt hours so holding, ideally by just over 4 hours. Normally there will be more hours of 3.5 to 4.

an accurate hold in accordance with 160 watt hours longer, but weighs more synonymous. with a 190 watt hours it keeps almost forever, but synonymous weighs just under 1.2 kilo ...

Antwort von ponda199:

Hello "court jester", synonymous thank you for your reply.

I've been interested for globalmediapro synonymous, synonymous terms, the buy the camera because there is very favorable.

My question, since you have already bought there, yes, how serious is this company must be classified and be counted at a purchase there, even with additional costs? Inch etc?


Antwort von hofnarr:

globalmediapro a serious provider seems to be. The Company headquarters is located, however s.anderen end of the world, in new zealand. that would be for any guarantee or warranty with respect. You can pay on a German account. was sent to me with dhl (; sendungsverfolgung possible), the batteries and chargers come every time within a few days direct from china. delivery has a detour made about sidney because a chinese is "malaria" with "confused Australia" ;-)

duty may apply, depending of the respective group. import turnover tax (; 19% in d, 20% in G) is also due.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"ponda199" wrote:
... how serious is likely that company ... and you have to ... with additional costs? ...

The company has a very good reputation, but we must not be deceived of the apparent low prices on the website: They are both excluding VAT and inches, which refers explicitly Globalmediapro indeed synonymous. If you're interested, then you will find with the search some threads relating to, for, according Globalmediapro is here in the forum asked again and again.

Antwort von ponda199:

Ok, thank you!

Another dumb question: what are the names of the different lenses, so the numbers? That one describes the Tele-effectiveness is clear, but what does the second number?

Fujinon 17x5 Lens
Canon 14x4.4 Lens


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"ponda199" wrote:
... what does the second number? ... Fujinon 17x5 ...

The second number is the initial focal length of Optics: The Fujinon therefore, has a focal length of 5mm to 85mm.

Antwort von ponda199:

Ah, ok, we never learn from :-)
Thanks for that!

To come back again soon, to my initial question:

So far, only answers came directly to the HM 700, which is indisputably
a very, very good camera, and is currently synonymous my absolute favorite.

But how does it look with the HD 200 from? This price is obviously a lot more attractive and class of the "film look" of the camera is!

If the HM700 because s.diesen "Film Look up"?


Antwort von rk-film:

Hi Jester,

Globalmediapro is really interesting Prices.
Did you get back the VAT from the tax office?
Inch is surely shot into the wind.

Best regards, Reinhard

Antwort von hofnarr:

on the duty you remain seated, the import VAT you should get more business than deduct from the tax refunded. I personally do to offices and authorities so s.liebsten greatest possible arch, which is easy on the nerves ... ;-)

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