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Frage von LinusL:


I have a 15min avi clip recorded in CS3 and now want to edit. AP synonymous remains stable (despite (-;), Vista, however, is in the preview screen (the top right, if AP in its basic setting is) While Picture to see a preview video is, however max.1sec play, then nothing more? Has anyone ne idea what's wrong? Do I have Vista on the first processor or the entire performance released or something?

graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT
Processor: 2.50 GHz Quad

Should really rich, right? Please help! Thank you!


Antwort von ef.multimedia:

Welcome to Windows. I've got a hell synonymous machine and for me the jerky editing HDV without end. My Ram is without Programs with 1Gb capacity. Leistungshungrigste Vista is the operating system. A Mac with less RAM and Pozessorleistung brings more power.

You kanst times your hard drive clean, power of energy saving options to full power Dehen, but that does not bring much.

In BIOS, you can seem a little adjusting, that the performance greatly improves, but I have not tested it, just Google.


Antwort von LinusL:

Okay, werds times Google! But not even I'm working with HD, but just DV! I'm actually really assumed that the components would suffice. Have 4GB of RAM, and so only 3 can be used, as were actually still hungry the deduction from Vista for 2 left? I do not understand ... Ideas anyone?


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