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Frage von Jan:

Hello Slashcam,

AVCHD on the "professional" models SonyHD 1000 and Panasonic AG HMC 71 reported that some users still amused, amateur art in a professional camera. AG-HMC 150 dates but rather of DVX 100 & HVX 200 from the DVX should now fighting hard to have a big paragraph to find.

Let's see how the price will be when he in the region of the Canon XH A 1 is, it could be interesting. Why actually a data rate of 13 Mbit / sec - Panasonic because I do not understand, because now actually 17 Mbits / sec is standard in AVCHD.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Jan" wrote: ... AVCHD "professional" models SonyHD 1000th ..
The "bloated HC7" belongs in the HDV family with AVCHD and has nothing to do, but you've been right in principle: The new Panasonic AVCHD appears first on-camera, which is worth a closer look. Your initial focal length of 28mm (converted to KB) saves one in any case sometimes the extra wide-angle converter, "Pre-Record" reduces the risk of missed shots and apart from the bit rates of 6Mb / s and 13MB / s so it will probably synonymous nor a higher level ( 20Mb / s?) type. At the first practice test, I am excited!

Gruß Bernd E.


Antwort von wolfgang:

If the data not only at 13 mb / s? Schade.

The device is slow times, but seriously - true. AVC-i (on boards) would have been seriously ...


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