Infoseite // Third-party battery grip for EOS 550D

Frage von ArnAuge:

Sorry if the topic here already had it in mind. I mean at least that what I've read about it. (Unfortunately, the search function here from the forum somewhat annoying.)

So - there's already a synonymous for the 550D Third-handle? I've recently seen me in the store and to take pictures (without Rig) is to me almost too graceful. I also want to miss S3 no longer trigger the portrait of my Finepix.

Thanks in advance and greetings


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Yes Gibts schau mal ebay or Google.

With two batteries you should NoName at about 80 ¬ a lie .... hundreds of Eos is always NEN Bissel too small (at least for my hands)

B. DeKid


Antwort von ArnAuge:

Hello DeKid B.,

exactly as I've looked but found nothing. Do you or someone else a Manufacturer or Dealers?

I find third-party parts only for the 450D and the 500D but the 550D has yet to my knowledge any other battery system.


Antwort von deti:



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