Infoseite // Time display will remain at zero during playback of dvd

Frage von alexa:

I have recently converted avi file to dvd (winavi).
If they let the dvd run DVD players, is the time indicator to zero and the Forward is not possible. The same is true when playing the dvd s.Computer.

Why might that be, perhaps s.den settings in winavi?

Look forward to the explanation!


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Alexa,

because nobody has written you, I do the times: I have no explanation for this behavior.

Do you have the AVI file on a trial all over again converted to DVD format and the whole re-tried?


Antwort von Stefan:

I would be synonymous with another try again DVD authoring program.

Good luck
The thick Stefan


Antwort von steveb:

the same phenomenon I had more common in SVCDs, who were not entirely conform with the standards. So different image size, etc.

So rather type out a discrepancy in the size setting ...


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