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Frage von jph:


I have the following problem for which a solution should exist. Let me but so far no one, not synonymous professionals could communicate.
So the following:
I would like HDV PAL tapes in a non-HD Avidversion, so as a DV capture. There is a menu item s.der MAZ HDV - DV Downkonvert.
As far as no problem. I get a Picture, the Project is as PALprojekt set the time code of the CNAC is identical in the Capture window,
ONLY! (The problem): when I watch the clip gecapturten running time code with the images and not 29.97 as shown on the tape, the VTR, and the Capture window with BLIDS 25. The time code runs so apart. A cut is timecodeidentischer with the tapes gecapturten not possible.

Has anyone an idea what it could?

For early ideas I would be very grateful, as a film project to hang in the air.

Thank you very much



Antwort von Soprano:

You should time your project settings examine whether courts have the frame rate is set. Avid is now offering the times always create a new project car the NTSC frame rate.


Antwort von Steppenwolf22:

Thanks for the reply.
Project settings are PAL.

How could it be?


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