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Timewarp Avid MC

Timewarp Avid MC

Frage von Beatfabrikant:
Juni 2007

So erstmal Hallo!

It is this: I have a video on the Avid MC sw cut and would like to take a few clips a TimewarpEffect apply. That the movements are very fluid, I render option than Fluid Motion. With Avid, it is so that when Timewarps the clip in the timeline does not change. I think it's intentional so as not to occur Syncprobleme. In a slow motion as is the imagery s.bestimmten points (depending on the anchor frame) is simply reduced so that the actual length s.der nothing changes. But that really has more disadvantages than advantages. Thus, my in / out points so moved and my actual cut is ruined. It would be better but really if just in / out points are maintained but the clip is longer as easy as with other editing solutions. That would mean then that if I had a clip that I am of the front to rear in a slow-motion would like to consider would be in with a Timewarpeffect Avid impossible. I see that's true or because a particular technique or what am I doing wrong? How are you doing this? Can not so that the clip into the timeline will be longer but my in and out points are maintained?


Antwort von Pianist:

You're not the only one with this function problems. I, too, shines as something not so quite, so I'll move a few more records after I have primarily a problem so that the keyframes with the somehow not hinhaut. The "walk" sort of next, depending on how the speed of the course is set. In itself should be so that people in a scene that: "From here faster," "Here, again slowly," "Then again quickly" and then next. That works but not. If we fast forward what makes all subsequent keyframes s.der suddenly wrong place and are partly already in the area of the rear range continued statue, which makes auto Avid yes.

Somehow, it would be better if such effects outside of the timeline could prepare, practically creates a new clip, which then landed in the bin. Then the new clip, the new car synonymous length, resulting from the different speeds results. But you can probably only such effects in the timeline to create.

But I am sure that this somehow has to go because we make sure only what goes ... :-)


Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

But everything can not be true. So you can not work. Please clarify me (or us) to.

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

Ok I've now learned that with the clip just does not extend geht.Na juhu. As is the steam s.kacken. I'm very disappointed of the Timewarpfunktion. The Avid because nothing has improved. My what does make sense for the clip to keep the same length and material for abzuzocken. A slow over the whole clip is thus impossible.
I think I am spinning.

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

Would be nice if a few experienced Avidler here could say something about this. That is finally a serious nonsense, what a lot of money is manufactured. Or, as you see it? Has the issue ever durchgekaut detail? When searching hab ich mal nix gefunden.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

This behavior coincides well with the behavior of the Timewarp (acceptances of Pinnacle) Liquid software. In

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

So yes thank first for the forum tip. Werd mich da mal umschaun.
But now to a more general question: If I get a trim clip gewarpten wants to go at my source and composer window in Trimmodus or from black to show only. Now my question is this normal? If so, how should I then realize how much I trim?


Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

Oh sry hab accidentally put up a new thread. Well anyway no preference is now something else. In each case, around the trim in Avid MC and although at gewarpten effects. I want to make a clip that I slowed down to 50% had extended by trim so you see more picture material. But since the trim clips rendered only with clever work, there is a problem. By trimming come back ungerenderte new pictures and thereby turns on the source or composer window. (You can see only black). Now the question is how to correct with the effect can trim clips.

THX for any meaningful response.

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

Nobody here has the same problem?

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

So it really can not work. Until a few days ago I thought the Media Composer is mature. Nothing doing. Even with the premiere can be elegantly solved.

Antwort von Beatfabrikant:

Thus, it has become evident that the Trimmodus has a bug. Suggestions were to Avid Germany.

But anyway, I have now created Slowmotion
and with fluid motion rendered. At some place, however, artifacts are on. Eg I have a dog of the legs (very na drann gezoomd) as he filmed grad runs on its lawn. On leg blurred the Optic of the meadow. I've compatriots in the manual how to fix such artifacts. But I understand not yet. I have to first with the editor and the Effect tool marking the place with the highlight artifacts. So and then I must with the pippette a body of the lawn (or s.Bein?) Caught with the correct vector values. In this frame, a keyframe is created. So, again rendering has not changed and the keyframes s.der imagine what comes just black. What am I doing wrong or what is still missing to make?

Wär echt on a typing very grateful.

Beat maker

Antwort von vager:

Ich hab mal ne ask of you Avid MC software only version or as an additional computer (usually adrenaline)?
Because boostet the adrenalin Preformance and anything else on the Effects are synonymous without rendering (mostly) redundant displayed.

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