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Tips: Tips: 6 Final Cut Pro: Transitions of Global rob - 27 oct 2009 16:46:00
> Today, times a brief tip for the new Final Cut Pro 7 Among the new features, there is now synonymous the opportunity to apply the so-called global transitions. This may mean for corresponding sequences of a real time saver, if subsequently synonymous should again be fingetuned by hand. But what are "global transitions?"


Antwort von monzon:

synonymous with audio tracks does it?


Antwort von thennig:

Better Shortcuts MERKEN!

Apple + T = video Aperture
CRLT + Apple + T = audio panels

Have Fun :-)


Antwort von rob:

"monzon" wrote: synonymous with audio tracks does it?

Hello monzon,

yes, this is synonymous for audio transitions. However, as far as I know no parallel with the video transitions. So you need according to the audio track, select and then dragging one of the audio transitions to the audio track. The transition is then transmitted to all the hard cuts.




Antwort von kalle70:

What's so great?

Is it always!

TL highlight clips to define the desired transition as Standard and drag the selected clips to insert with transition.


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