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Tipps für einen Anfängerfilm

Tips for Beginners film

Frage von TimoR:
April 2008

Moin together
I'm new in the forum and of course I had first read through some posts, but there are still a few things about which I'm not quite sure. Take it to me so please do not resent that I have a new theme presentation. Essentially there are three things that I would be happy about comments:
1.) own views on Preview Videos
2.) hints to a scene
3.) purchase advice

1) I'm looking for a very long time for films and am currently tasked to the Abi-vintage film in my school to turn. Previously this was quite chaotic because we had problems getting the technology for us to obtain and even cameras of teachers had to borrow. This means that the quality of the recordings, because of various cameras, varies greatly and the sound could actually synonymous better. However, the recordings so far largely been entirely satisfactory.

Here are two examples would be times that we have prepared to show:


I would be very glad about hints on which you rotate things to look at and should be errors that some of the clips were discovered. No film defects (in the background that people see and columns are suddenly heal, and I know we're working) but rather technical errors in the camera work or lighting, for example. Because about two-thirds of the film have yet to be finished (both foreign as synonymous Interior). And of course I would be synonymous on opinions about the clips look.

2) What in any case there is improvement in the light. Styrofoam plates and reflectors are the next purchase for the film. Especially in a scene, we had major problems. There is a scene in which the main character s.Bahnhof wants to hire a prostitute (Note: this scene is not in the slightest misogynist because all Nebendarstellerprostituierten were busy with men. I myself am also a prostitute to be seen but in order to protect my face, will I do not tell of those who I am.). Here is it a Outtake:

Antwort von Axel:

All your links will open the Rapidshare upload dialog. You copy the wrong link. Try it yourself, please

Antwort von TimoR:

For me it works. That is the correct link. Or have more trouble downloading?

Is maybe a stupid suggestion, but the upload dialog always comes. To download you have to scroll down.

Antwort von Axel:

"Timor" wrote:
For me it works. That is the correct link. Or have more trouble downloading?

Is maybe a stupid suggestion, but the upload dialog always comes. To download you have to scroll down.

Yes, true. Funzt everything. Comments later.

Antwort von Axel:

"You have reached the limit for a free download achieved ..."
Well, the "Flensburg" is any event class. A very well-made commercial was, incidentally, I think of it was Buck. Even technically, there is - need simple equipment, not much to grumble. Weiter so. I hope the other downloads go later.

Antwort von Thore Rehbach:

The Abi-spot falls on the right below the logo outside of the safe area and is located on a normal tube devices probably only partly visible will be.

Antwort von TimoR:

Where Thore Rehbach logo respond that way, just for the preview was inserted s.den blend of Television is, of course, who still reminds me of what a:
The actual screening will take place afterwards at our place in the Aula. That means the movie is played on a projector, so the clips are even darker times. So I would be very pleased tips on how to brighten up the prostitute scene could. The Abispot I have ever played during its meeting and think the clip of the brightness is just right. But dark may not be there.

And with some RapidShare problems, I'm sorry, but for movies as a file to send is quite good.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Axel" wrote:
"You have reached the limit for a free download achieved ..."
....... Keep it up. I hope the other downloads go later.

Power off the router - wait 10 sec - Router Power-On - More downloads start.

Using the IP is the download limit is expected this will change only every 24 hours - or make account is not expensive

Antwort von Axel:

"Bullet Time" is funny. Not quite perfectly cut, but this is the Brüller in Abifete. Question: Were the ball impacts and already there have been retouched in post? In any case, good.
The prostitutes are technically failed, do you say so themselves sharpness and color pipe, and too dark, it is synonymous. Rescue? I do not know. Maybe enough's. Otherwise, new twist. The next time all the manual, and `n Baustrahler or two.

Antwort von Markus:


Antwort von TimoR:

The ball impacts were subsequently added. One sees so synonymous that the preview is not yet finished and the column is suddenly all over again. This I will say that I am with the post can not boast. The cut will mainly a classmate.

Incidentally, I would like once more to the film indicates equipment. Since one month I am now s.intensiven Learn and therefore grows in me the urge to buy the equipment and weiterzudrehen. Are these products for my purposes and ¬ 700 in my budget to recommend? I also am about where Tripod something to save, ie less than 100 ¬ to stay still for me and also the U-Flycam from India to fetch.

Antwort von Axel:

"Timor" wrote:
ch am also on the superior, with Tripod something to save, ie less than 100 ¬ to stay still for me and also the U-Flycam from India to fetch.

Tripod by the 100 ¬? Without with the unblinking eye, the Velbon DV 7000th

I have several systems borrowed or rented (ABC Handyman, JR Steadicam, Glidecam Pro), and two self-constructions.

I always recommend as the first self-stabilizing system is built "wheel". This is essentially a ca 50 cm long board (or aluminum narrow width of 6 cm) with handles left and right. The Camera is in the middle on, and now "flies" you through the set by taking a "helicopter controls. At this
You can not run fast steps in the absence of an independent body from the balance system is not balanced. The main problem with hand-held camera is not in on-and Abwackeln, but in the lateral rotation (rotation around the optical axis), and which can be obtained by handling the two-well get to grips with. After some practice,
of course. Try it to be replaced at 90% a Steadicam. By the way, you have a lot of practice before the results really are steady, you will all confirm.

Antwort von TimoR:

I have now for the Manfrotto 785B Modo decided s.das I'm very cheap and come I will first try synonymous myself tripod to build. I would like it to me at least once in the building of Hobbythek (

Antwort von DWUA:

@ Timor

"Flens" like, up to (almost) common Aufploppen.
That would be another (short) film was playing.

You think s.eine U-Flycam from India?
Axel is right. Tu's not.
Of course, it is without the "West" and "cranes" sometime not.
But initially it is synonymous, at least from my own experience.

Years ago, learned archery from:
Abrupt movements (releasing the tendon) should be possible
and by stabilizing compensators swallowed.
These consist of a small "spider", s.deren end weights
an isometric equivalence in the required dosage
dam up the permit. (If desired, more).

This solution is useful if you only one camera to
Available / you just a need.
The problem would then be synonymous quickly if necessary
Tripod her.
Or wilt thou be constantly running around with camera running?
Then we are not the right person.


Antwort von DWUA:

And the most important thing of course forgot to mention:
It is (synonymous) to the Height of the camera position.
(Well over head).

Antwort von TimoR:

"DWUA" wrote:
And the most important thing of course forgot to mention:
It is (synonymous) to the Height of the camera position.
(Well over head).

Sorry, but the last point I do not understand. When the camera would be far above the head positioned?

Antwort von DWUA:

That is the case, if your object is something
is larger than your lens and you still
Of the front, of the Top of Page or want to see.

Antwort von Axel:

Confusion in Timor: a jib, he had 700 hits in his Budget smooth forgot to mention ...

Antwort von markus1701:

"Axel" wrote:

I always recommend as the first self-stabilizing system is built "wheel". This is essentially a ca 50 cm long board (or aluminum narrow width of 6 cm) with handles left and right.

Do it with a 2-3 meter board and two people who wear it. So it was (first?) For "dance of the devil" made. While not a Steadicam anstinken, but maybe. Sometimes you need it synonymous doddery times.

Antwort von TimoR:

"Axel" wrote:
[...] A jib, he had 700 hits in his Budget smooth forgot to mention ...

Au. A student studying just before the feeling of wanting to give, 700 ¬, not much money, is really common.

So seriously: A solid tripod for camera settings, perhaps with small pans and a possibility, and since I will be there with the wheel and the DIY tripod taste for easy shots.
For more exotic settings is necessary, still showed something.

Antwort von Axel:

Equipmentmäßig applies: It is always better. That's why you need a functional basic equipment, in addition to the Tripod synonymous indicative micro belongs.
And then you just make films. On better equipment to save, kills creativity. Ten short films, one in a year with poor equipment completed, are the best asset. Firstly, they are always better, secondly, one's experience shows what you actually need, and opportunities come occasionally, with the time you collect useful things the way, without that you are at fault.

Light is important, but one, two Styrofoam plates are more important than a light box, without you mentioned the ten films synonymous or even better out of them.

I wish you all if this setting.

Antwort von tobi1977:

The scenes are available for a first project very well. Also, the cuts and special effects like me.
Did you receive the special effects with After Effects realized?


Antwort von TimoR:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Did you receive the special effects with After Effects realized?

Yes, but like I said it was another.

Antwort von mr.cliff:

"Timor" wrote:

so nice and good, but only because I must wait 2 minutes till a dubious countdown has elapsed, then the usual graficcode enter again and then wait forever to 30 MB are pulled down, have no DSL ('m abroad), thus gehts nich people.

Antwort von TimoR:

This would have two of the top issues in any case have been clarified:
My humble equipment now consists of Pana NV-GS230, the Rode SVM, the Manfrotto Tripod, lights, reflectors and the other usual accessories. The steering wheel and turn, I will stand me in next time to build myself together. The next major is shooting Sunday. It will then show how good it is. But so far I am quite satisfied
Moreover, there seems to be for the dark scene, not many opportunities to give to save. At least in parts so we will probably rotate after.
Then I am pleased that the other recordings yet has torn None. First and foremost, I wanted to show only synonymous yes, in what style, the film moves and what requirements I imagine s.eine equipment. Yet I leave the question but let stand. Finally, it is always open for criticism.

A new question now, however, be added. The film is a prologue planned. It serves as an eye catcher (plenty of action and noise) and the main course credits and the title will be displayed. The structure of the scene, but the big problem is that there is a scene of mass should be. A big student pack, beginning around 100 pupils, should be the heroes walk through the city track. A stretch of about 2 km. Of course, the sectional rotated. For Abifilmverhältnisse is a big number and I will well prepare for the scene. There would be times some considerations which I have already done:
The date is early enough of course announced that the scene is rotated about 5 weeks, and a friend is in the additional time trying to mobilize people and to be firm commitments. Overall, I think the number is realistic.
However, None is paid, I pretty sure that in the course of the day, turning off more and more premature. In part, we are building from the scene but I prepared to try something to prevent that, all I declare in advance exactly what is happening in the scene and what is planned, all-sightedness.
In addition, the course constantly turning durchgesagt what is done next and when the next break is made.
We are mostly from a car to film. The trailer will be a hanging, so that anyone with a bag lunch and drink with you, which then rotate itself when not in the path.
Since we are in the middle of the city are synonymous, it should not be a problem to find a toilet if need be.

I would love some tips to get, how to prepare something. Or things you absolutely should look out for. As I said, there is a big problem is that we students can not afford and in the scene is much running. All it just for fun with, although secure enough money can be distributed in order to conclude all with a fresh draft beer to reward.

Antwort von flipmo:

"Timor" wrote:
This would have two of the top [...] with a freshly tapped beer reward.

A tip for the mass scene?

Police and Municipal circumspect, approvals, ...
Consult a lawyer, at least 2 of the local business owners are my sales to have, and about 5 car owners will think your extras have his car damaged.

And you will about 6 police officers with a minimum of 2 vehicles required ...

And after the shooting will be synonymous as icing on the cake for about 3 Extras diverses your valuables, which they had in the backpack were missing.

Antwort von TimoR:

That I have forgotten to say: Legally, everything is settled. The Ordnungsamt and the shops have nothing against it. We get no support, however, but to ourselves to take care of everything.

In addition, you should know that our little town like a Fehnsiedlung is built, ie, the roads are built around canals. This allows the pack on one page of the channel play, while we of the other spin. Enough space is available. And at the time in which we turn there is very little going on. That's why something synonymous None opposed.

I also can not guarantee that no stranger s.seine bag, but valuables you need not submit. This is for ne bag or a bag with food and drink. If there was to disappear, the next would not be tragic. And as I said, "small town". There is confidence in the humanity is still very large.

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