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Frage von Habi-NRW:

Hello community,

I'm new here and have a question .... Ne, even more!

For almost 2 years, I have a bit of the photography and discovered Filmerei for me!

Have so far only Sony devices. Whether this is good or bad, I do not know!

Camera: SonyDSC-V3
Camcorders: SonyDCR SR-190
Tripod: VCT-D680RM

Since I grade on Filmerei still have little experience, I am looking for all sorts of tips and tricks! Vorallem Filmerei of what the cars are!
Since my real hobby screws s.meinen the car, I photograph mainly synonymous cars! Meetings and so on ...
Also, I have been there with my little camera filmed, but that is so nix nix half and whole!

So I for 1 month now my camcorder and now wants a more or less professional video shoot! So with Fahraufnahmen, detail shots etc.

But I brownfield Tips! What can we do, how do you do it, what tricks are there for!
've seen many videos of me looking for ideas!
Especially of are very cool, as I think!

Is there someone here who made such recordings ever made and can give me some tips because NEN give!?


Antwort von Markus:


You have already have a circular polarizer? If not, I can provide you with the use of such a highly recommend. The Color of car is so powerful and contrast are enhanced.

Try try and look after other contributions synonymous with the word "polarization filter".


Antwort von JMitch:

What's really behind it, when people are each set with an exclamation quit?


Antwort von etv:

Hello habi-NRW,

a good tip is synonymous regular watch and / or record to study of Auto-Motor-Sport-TV and other similar items!

As you can especially in the recorded broadcast all the tricks of the pros abschauen. Legal wirsd you quickly realize that a professional synonymous only with water boil "and is almost always the same effects, the video and the cars will leave the eyecatcher ....
Depth settings around the car "powerful" effect to be sharp pull on the body, ie the slowly front to back of walk to the focus area along the wagon, and beautiful, soft panning over the curves of the car ....

Simple - s.Sonntag credible clock at 17:00? - Sometimes with Auto-Motor-Sport-TV on VOX and possibly start at for "car" looking, because you will surely find times and searched for a while "self-study" before you.



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