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Tipps für Film über mich

Tips for film about me

Frage von style:
September 2005

Hello slashcam community

I am quite an avid amateur film maker.
I would now like one short film ala ad or the like to turn on me. Halt scenes in sports, etc.

Can someone give me tips about this?

SonyDCR TRV 22E, and Pinnacle Studio 9

Maybe someone is synonymous with the one from Düsseldorf, the Project can do together!

Antwort von Axel:

'm From Düsseldorf and gladly assist animals in a Project. In the role of the wizard flat. Why? Is fun, gets things rolling, and I myself need help with my stuff. Write me about your Project under

Antwort von GhostDog:

Thanks for your offer. Did you just write an email!

If someone has a few ideas on how the video is really good to report settings, scenes, etc. please.



Antwort von style:

Can you paste it into Pinnacle Studio 9 actually a wasserzeichen?

Should lie in the bottom right corner. Who can tell me how can I do that?

Danke schon mal!

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


yes, yes watermark should be nich so hard, you take a picture and exalt the alpha channel, then from schauts as a watermark.

But I think rather that you mean a character that is then available in the Picture and is not wegzumachen ... Since then we used a sign that is punched in the Picture "! For example, in C4D, if you render the text as a glass that distorted the picture edges s.den is broken /.
Probably not be undone! The with the alpha channel is incredibly easy to reverse.

Whether you can make with Pinnacle Studio, synonymous, I dunno, otherwise simply C4D, etc. use.

Vielleciht it would be an idea if you verblurst the picture, so a spot of grease lay onto Picture! Not verpixeln (Note: this is synonymous to undo) If you do this once, you can use it to write as synonymous demo!

More Tips for Shooting and settings can be found, among other things synonymous here:
yes you can little time browsing!

A tip synonymous yet to get the right light! Can Bauleuchten from the DIY, I recommend, so you can then Barndoors dranbauen itself, or simply work in sunlight with reflectors. (Tungsten, daylight ... right to use Keyword: Color temperature [is given in Kelvin]) Again, just browse the Internet or ask google mal * g *

Or literature http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/3805827008/302-2882090-3000068

Yes, effects shots vll Steadycam build one yourself: http://www.hobbythek.de/dyn/16602.phtml -> I can only emfpehlen.
I do not know how important it is to be the Project and such securities realm. (Commercial will have more effect rich, or!?) Depending on which you can synonymous evt one camera crane or dolly for a rent day long ...

If what you are talking in the film, is on a few scenes, the dubbing, but superior to, or use good microphones. Otherwise, choose good music! :)

So that was mal ne sooooo short short version:)
A few more tips to shoot you can find here:

In a television commercial about yourself you can you pick a great day with marvelous light / sky etc. and need not do everything s.einem given day. I think this is the beautiful work unbound.

If documents are to be displayed, which I once go out, I recommend proDAD Heroglyph Of ... Free demo version is here:

And as in any area is synonymous here: Practice makes perfect!

I hope you could help

Love Greetings

Antwort von style:

@ Blackeagle123

wow .. you are professional?
There are indeed in terms of which I do not even dare to dream ..
You're not coming randomly from NRW and have a little time, right? ;-)

I will soon try it is good .. but very professional but is already some level higher than me, I trust you!

With the watermark, I thought a logo insertion, Can you please explain to me again with what program I, and especially how, do!

Been super thanks for your tips and views to the very detailed text!

Antwort von Blackeagle123:


So I would use Cinema 4d or Maya! C4D rather for Beginners, maya is much harder, but synonymous as many more features! Also § DS Max, Lightwave Programs are relatively good. I think of Maya and s.meisten C4D! Then simply take a paper, and bevel the edges of glass (vorgefärtigt) choose as the contour. Then you have reflections that you really no longer really wegbekommst. For example, at the video as a demo (in lower quality? issue on the Internet) and "demo" as writing about it to dazzle! How do you exactly C4d un Maya synonymous can

- Here
- oder hier
-Or here

! read

All 3d Programs erlenen are relatively difficult to for people who have never worked in the direction! But Is enough forums and tutorials:
http://c4dtreff.de/tutorials/ for example!
The render will probably take with you very long. I render over network with 3 PCs, almost in real time. Are you an AMD Athlon 3200 +, an Intel Pentium 2.6 GHz and an AMD Athlon 2600 +. If, of course, synonymous with the effects. If something explodes, I'm well behind the real-time:). When you render to export as *. tif with alpha channel. Then I recommend the "demo" text in Adobe After Effects display after you did everything in your editing program exported. I use Adobe Premiere.
The second option, which I find easier for beginners but really do not recommend is to put the video in C4d as *. avi and expand the writing there, jump over it. In the video, but can not glows, etc. have, as it will distort the colors.

I myself have made some Trailer of vacation spots in order to fade in order to effect writings, which should appear 3d. As in my previous post already written, I will use for 2d Advertisement Heroglyph, possibly synonymous AP (premiere)

Love Greetings

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

Hello again,

Thus, no preference whether one is pro or Beginners. Somehow attempts to illuminate the eye. Otherwise you see in the film, especially when sunlight is there, totally threatening and unfriendly. Such effects are deliberately used for movies. Do it not! Aluminum foil long since already!

What synonymous is still important, are the colors. Make your camera on the ground with a manual white balance, to avoid color casts. On average then you can still correct colors. Set a filter not as KR3 or KB3. (blue and orange filter, bsp. for effects shots! s.Schnitt) Effects later.
But that is even more nothing for Beginners.

Achso, and I come from NRW nich, but from Hesse and am too far away of Gov. Especially since I still have no driver's license, am still too young:)

Love Greetings

Antwort von style:

You're too young ????????????????

Hello .. where were you in the PISA study .. we had totally cleared!
How old are you if I may questions? I'm 28!

I would even be willing to come to Hesse in order to insert a movie day!
I want a good result, so synonymous have and am willing to take one or two kilometers!

Antwort von Blackeagle123:

I'm only 15 but already have internship at ZDF and many shoots behind me * g *

I would call myself a professional but not completely! ;)

Love Greetings

Antwort von style:

My God ..

And there still say today, "a kiddies" have nothing on it ..

I told you ne 'e-mail written on your gmx account!

Antwort von style:

times to give a brief idea of what I imagine

so be it in the way MTV Dissmissed idea of men.
Say quick cuts, instrumental hip hop, etc..

Would be super if AXEL would report from D-town itself.

For ideas and suggestions I am always open!

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