Infoseite // Tips for takeover of camcorder recordings to PC without quality loss?

Frage von Susannah:

Dear Forum,

I would like to have my camcorder recordings collected during the last decade (Hi8 and DV) in the PC game, it there together and cut to be archived and where appropriate extracts synonymous to DVD to burn.

It is important to me that I had no loss of quality. Space is plentiful, iLink for DV as well. Under time pressure, I am not with my project.

Which format is for me when capturing the best? And what program is for me as useful to beginners, which is not too excessive, but on the necessary basics clearly and has sufficiently.

Thank you for your help


Antwort von Gast1:

Format: DV. If your DV camera has an analog input you can start your Hi8 evt material on DV Camera Digitizer (possibly read instructions). Here you need with minimal quality loss expected. Alternative is a digital card, which costs a lot and delivers a slightly better quality.
Software: Ulead Video Studio or Film distiller, Adobe Premiere Elements, Magix synonymous or Windows Movie Maker. The all you can for 14 days free to try.
Processing of the material in DV, the processed material ggf s.Ende in MPEG-2 convert and burn to DVD.


Antwort von bumsbomber:

I have already started a few attempts. Here I have of the DV camera via iLink into MPEG format to play on. On my first attempt with a factory on the calculator dubbed software (which now, after the trial period is no longer running and their names synonymous Unfortunately I have not noticed) I have a much more voluminous than file on the second try with Ulead receive. So I do believe that with the quality of Ulead Studio worse is synonymous here and have seen no way to achieve this affect.

What can I do?



Antwort von vdp1331:

Ulead I know not, so I can not tell you where you can adjust it.

But if you (as you write above) plan to watch the videos may be cut / edit, you should, as Gast1 synonymous has already written, not in MPEG but record in DV format (Ulead If it's supported ?!)!! You could look at "Settings" or something similar and then looking after compression or codec or something because you have to look at DV-PAL. For the sound of 48 KHz, 16 bit uncompressed.

Furthermore, says the size s.sich not so much about the quality. With a better codec can be synonymous with a smaller file better results than in the large file with a bad / old codec. For your application, but only and alone DV in question (about 200 MB / min.; 11GB/Std).

Do you have your analog camera (as also of Gast1 described above) on your DV Camera s.den Calculator connected?

Greeting Vincent


Antwort von Gast1:

In order to begin to avoid any misunderstanding: the "dubbing" (capture) a video of a miniDV camera to the PC has nothing with "Record" to do. On the DV tape, the video already exists as digital information (data). These are when capturing 1:1 and a loss on the hard drive of the PC. There is no codec synonymous in the game.

When capturing an analog video (Hi8, for example) is something else. The video is given as "power fluctuations" on the tape, which must first be digitized. Because you need a hardware (encoder PC card) and when talking about the graphics card or TV captured the PC, a codec (software) to the digitized data into a format suitable processing programs to unpack.
Alternatively, you can the analog video (Hi8) only on the transfer miniDV camcorder, but it is digitized (in DV). It is only with some miniDV camcorders, the ones in an AV have.

DV grabs all images (25 times per second), MPEG grabs difference images (only the differences between different reference frames). Therefore, the loss of quality MPEG bigger, MPEG is synonymous not as good as DV s.PC edit. A good DV codec is in every Microsoft operating system (eg WinXP) included.

Dises forum is full with threads on this topic, just search.


Antwort von Markus:

These times may be an overview for understanding:
FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect, capture and edit images


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