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Frage von Kincsem:


maybe someone has a hot tip? I try my Asbach ancient treasures to save and copy of Beta to VHS recorder recorder No. 1

VHS recorder s.Calculator No. 2 is connected, on the VHS cassette while the images are well over, the sound is just flutes, which is on the calculator then gone.

I see but in Adobe Premiere in the AVI file to Soundtrack ... but synonymous clip brings render nix ... : (

* * haarerauf_verzweifelt

Grateful for every idea.

Best Regards


Antwort von JMS Productions:

"Kincsem" wrote:
I try my Asbach ancient treasures to save and copy of Beta to VHS recorder recorder No. 1

Do not do it! Copy not only of beta analog to analog VHS. While you are in digital umkopieren it so often as you want without ever Picture-and Tonverlust occur, and analogous Picture Sound of copy to copy is always worse.
I would therefore advise you to BETA recorders s.den DIRECT PC and then incorporated. The Zwischenweg over 1000 VHS recorder (and copies), I would totally leave.

What connections did the Beta recorder, because for almost all fairly Connections are currently available. It should therefore be possible, your Beta recorder directly with the PC.

Second question: where is the recorder s.PC connected? Hopefully not on graphics card and sound card? Because this is not recommended. Because the graphics card and the sound cards are different and do not sit on a map, picture and sound have different ways, and then again afterwards to be mixed together. These are not rare problems, such as that at the final picture and sound no longer synchronously, or even no sound may be heard; Picture of the modest-and not to mention sound quality.

Will you maximum picture and sound quality, you should be on any (cheap?) Grabbers capture cards, TV and renounce to something higher dubbing buy / borrow. This may be (as Optimum) an analog-digital converter, or a digitally but synonymous video camera with analog inputs (but rather rare in this country because of customs environment).

Here you'll find some of the dubbing of analogue material on the PC. Read this carefully and calmly through! That is helpful!

FireWire FAQ


Antwort von Kincsem:

Dear JMS Productions

YOU do I connect to my night prayers! My thanks will sneak behind you forever ...

I'm wonderfully silly, because I would like it synonymous to come (BETA -> PC) - Simply synonymous why, if it is complicated ... auweija.

Uh, TV-quality maps, good question - next question (am a technological dud the 1st set). But to those old movies on Youtube Rennbahn upload, the quality of ...

Link is gebunkert and will be heeded;)

Beautiful evening!

The radiant Kincsem!


Antwort von JMS Productions:

"Kincsem" wrote: But to those old movies on Youtube Rennbahn upload, the quality of ...

I am glad if I could help you! :)

If it is exclusively for Youtube to be, then, a TV card or even the port on the graphics card. If it now unwiderbringbare childhood shots would have been, it would at least me personally s.wichtigsten been as good as possible quality out of ...


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