Infoseite // Too short a RAM preview of a new Calculator

Frage von donnii10:


have the problem that rendered the RAM Preview is much too short. The calculator, which works as should create much more. Here, first, the basic parameters:

2x Xeon E5620 .... So 8x2, 4GHz
GTX470 (installed latest drivers)
Windows 7 64bit
After Effects CS4

The comp is 1280x720px large.

At half Resolutiongerendert I get about 7sec to see this .. no big movies or gross effects are processed.
Quarter Resolutionbringt synonymous not extend the preview time.

OpenGL is set to "Interactive"

In the Preferences Mulitprocessing is enabled and assigned to each CPU one GB of RAM minimum.
The slider is on the far left for longer RAM previews in for longer render times.

Without multi-processing, incidentally, is synonymous not better or worse.

Am at a loss .. Who knows help?



Antwort von Jörg:

We have almost identical machines,
with these settings I have 2350 frames in RAM at all ... clip 1x auto contrast, at the same resolutions of the footages like you,
However, openGL is disabled: try


Antwort von donnii10:

hmmmm .. now have two other projects angetestet times and your settings to accept (disabled synonymous OpenGL)

With one-particle CC Vector Blur and things still up about it (with an animated mask for the blur) ... so much more computational effort than the problem project. The whole Compgröße at 2000x1300px.
No problem ...

in the other Project remains ... Sometimes only 4-5 frames RAM preview ...


Antwort von Jörg:

is it any avchd material?


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