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Frage von anselm2000:

Hello forum, there is a possibility tracken masks in AE too. synonymous happy about detours. Thank you.


Antwort von mkrawietz:

no - does not go


Antwort von jojo:

WAZU tracken ne maske?
You did this with the mask anyway ne tax position?


Antwort von Axel:

"jojo" wrote: WAZU tracken ne maske?
You did this with the mask anyway ne tax position?

I understand as the desire for a fully automatic rotoscoping, what is not clear. If this is a football that a pizza is (as I've only just that?), I could of course choose the pizza place synonymous a circular mask shape, but since the end would be in the area. Anselm could express konreter something.


Antwort von Screws:

hmmm ...

I ausschaut weis nich as your material ... but if one half of the front and the background can be separated each other ... would be ideal object on light background, then you can under LAYER -> Auto trace layer mask to your object quite well ... you need to make a few settings (workspace instead of frame, create new layer and tolls still some fine tuning eg pre blur etc)

Then let the whole thing work and tada you have a mask (you can use the alpha of the new layer to your footage, then the object haste even halfway usable exempt ...


Antwort von Jörg:

It may therefore be about nen little detour? I'm not sure if the contribution is feasible for you, try not habs synonymous gives me a headache already reading ...

Have fun, Jörg

I am sure that it goes over scripting, such times thereafter.


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