Infoseite // Transfer. Avi /. Wav files: Adobe Premiere (PC) to Final Cut Pro (Apple)

Frage von Tuner:


I would brenenn some video - and audio files in. avi and. wav output from the editing program Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, on DVD, and then import this content into Final Cut Pro installed (on an Apple computer) again.

Is this possible with the above formats?

Thank you,



Antwort von Strahlemann:

There are various software that let you play AVI files on an Apple, but there are always problems (codecs, etc.).

However, as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro as synonymous with a QuickTime render engine it would probably work on s.einfachsten QT (because QT is indeed synonymous "real" Interchange) ...


Antwort von wrunge:


thanks for the reply. It possible to export the avi-and Wav) files of Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 (on a PC in Quicktime format so that without the slightest loss of quality once again re in on the Apple Final Cut Pro can be imported?


Antwort von Strahlemann:

As synonymous AVI MOV is just a container of different data streams can include.

If for example you now about QT uncompressed exportierst caution you an uncompressed video stream into your QT Container -> but - which is probably no longer go out on your DVD!

After you've probably added to DV so you could export as synonymous with the DV codec - with this you would almost (?? Need to take) any loss of quality in sales!

Of course, you then have to have an appropriate codec synonymous s.Apple have installed ...


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