Infoseite // Transition to HD - SonyEX1-R or JVC GY-HM700?

Frage von bernd_das_brot:

Hi folks!

I plan to change the system to the HD format. I need the cam for wedding movies on HD, short films, features and short film productions. Have been studying a few months with the tapeless camcorders, and I like the work flow s.Mac!

So I put two camcorders in the near Choice: The new Sony EX 1-R or the JVC GY HM 700th The cut will take place s.einem 24 "I-Mac and with Premiere CS 4th-minded, perhaps someone has experience with the two cams? I would like to buy a Wide Angle synonymous intent (; to get to about 24mm focal too).

Best regards and see you soon!
Bernd (; the bread)


Antwort von deti:

If only these two cameras are available for you to debate, then take in any case the EX1R. The alternative of JVC did not even come close to ran s.The image quality of the EX1R, because there are only sensors fitted with 1280x720 pixels. The CCD sensors of the JVC more noise in low light and are virtually blind. Moreover, the camera takes 22W, leading to shorter battery life or more Batteries. The EX1R comes out with 11W. The EX1R with a suitable adapter can also be operated with inexpensive memory sticks, so synonymous here, the costs remain low. Only the form factor of EX1R is perhaps not quite ideal, if you would like to take a camera on his shoulder - but there are suitable shoulder rests for retrofitting.



Antwort von ed-media:

How do I see (on the linked website) in your profile you have already been rotated with the HM700, if there are your pictures, as I believe, then you've got in terms of handling can make your experience dictates.

I think it's 4.3 "screen s.der HM700 times already quite nice, is much sharper (and larger) than s.der HPX301, and I would take any of your assignments synonymous with the Panasonic in the eye, would certainly synonymous alternative if it is to be a shoulder-mounted camera.

In HM700 SDHC cards are used, you get one quick if you need that almost everywhere, are relatively inexpensive as tape, some like their counterparts synonymous archive SDHC cards.

Around the HM700 is always much more useful when


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